Is it Too Early to Pay Attention?


I’m sure you’ve all heard of the presidential race by now. Trump is leading the GOP with the highest publicity and the highest stupidity. Then you have Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, and Dr. Ben Carson. There a lot of others, none of them nearly as public and outspoken as those that have been mentioned.

Then you have the Democratic Party, led by Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Martin O’Malley. So far the presidential candidates have been working hard to make sure that their images are favorable. There have been multiple debates, candidates have traveled the country in search of people to fall for their lies and believe their truths.

The news stations are constantly covering their campaigns, but why? It’s pretty early in the race isn’t it? The United States’ next president will not be voted for until Nov. 8 next year. These people are trying pretty hard to get their votes so early.

Well, I feel as if Trump is treating his campaign as a giant game, (at least I hope he is,) but it’s working for him apparently. He even got a Latina woman to speak for him at one of his campaign stops. Although I have a sneaking feeling that he paid her a large sum of money. There is no way a woman can be that happy about an orange middle-aged man.

We really need to stop giving Trump so much publicity, his stupidity might spread to the common population. We all know that we can’t deal with anymore Trumps in the world. They might grow like a flesh eating fungus.

We can’t have that, and the more publicity that Trump gets, the more publicity is taken from the candidates who can actually help our country. The news is filled with Trump and his nonexistent policies, (seriously does anyone else notice that he hasn’t actually stated in detail what he has planned for this country? He just insults the other candidates and women,) and does not cover the others who are going into detail how they plan to fix our economy and our country.

So far Sanders and Trump seem to be leading the pack popularity-wise, Sanders is doing very well with our generation, his policies sound great and he’s extremely liberal as well as the man who breaks the terrible stereotype of old white men. Trump leads the pack because of his idiocy and money. People assume that since he’s a billionaire, then he can fix our country’s economy. This man has literally gone bankrupt in the past. Multiple times. He even manages to be unintelligent in the area that he supposedly excels in.

Now, the question is, is it too early to be focusing on the election? My answer is: no, not really. It’s important to see what they do when not directly in the public’s eye. What they say “behind closed doors” is what they actually think.

If they suddenly start to change their views and do a whole three sixty, then chances are, if there’s proof, then chances are that they just changed their position to appease the public until they are elected. It’s an easy way to trick the general public and it has been used a large number of times.

Each time the public has found out that the elected official was not the person they voted for the hard way. What I’m saying is that people should definitely pay attention now, while the candidates aren’t really paying attention to their mistakes, so the people can decide the best candidate. Pay attention as college students, and vote for your favorite candidate for the future of our country.