First World Problems

First World Problems

They warn you from day one about the freshman 15, but it always finds its way to your thighs. What they don’t tell you is how horrible it is to work off those extra cereal bars from the cafe. So you make a plan to get up early, put on your workout clothes and get a good workout on before you start your day, yet sometimes you don’t even make it out of bed. You can spend your whole college career in the disc or out in Fairview and working out will never get any less excruciating.

First, let me talk about the jungle that is Fairview. I always wake up on Sundays and think “You know what would be nice? A run in Fairview!” Spoiler alert, runs in Fairview are never fun. Most of my “runs” turn into extended walks with the occasional awkward eye contact from actual runners coming from the other direction.

If you’ve ever wandered way back into Fairview there are trails that go off the main path and lead you straight into the wilderness. Take my advice, STAY ON THE BIKE TRAIL. I once made the mistake of being adventurous and ended up lost in the woods for a good two hours.

If the outdoors isn’t your thing, then you might head over to the disc. Although this is even worse than Fairview because that hot guy from seminar gets to watch you torture yourself on a treadmill. Honestly I don’t know what I’m doing at all when I work out. Sometimes I’ll get on a treadmill and peek over at what the super athletic girl next to me is running at and see she’s been at a nine for 15 minutes while I’ve been at five for like 2 minutes and am already dying.

Sometimes I’ll just stay in my room and try out the “super easy” workouts I find on Pinterest. Those workouts are near impossible everyone. You can’t lose ten pounds in 2 weeks like on the biggest loser. It’s not healthy. Also those workouts designed for while you watch friends (i.e do 10 sit ups every time Chandler tells a joke) be real with yourself, you’re just going to sit there and watch Friends for three hours.

It seems like you can do nothing but workout but nothing happens. I’m also starting to believe that being able to do a pull up is a myth and that flat stomachs are a mirage. Even though it’s hard to stay motivated I still drag myself out the door to the gym since it doesn’t matter how slow you go, all that matters is that you’re trying.

So after I drag myself back from the disc or Fairview I usually lay on the floor for a minimum of an hour wondering why I would put myself through that trauma. In the end I’m glad I went out because let’s be honest, that’s just more tacos that I’ll be able to eat in the long run.