America vs. the metric system: should we switch?


Why is it that America has to be different than every other country in the world? We aren’t necessarily better than everyone, our system of measurement is actually more complicated than the metric system. The metric system is based on a set rule of tens, which means that most generic units of measurement start with a base and then go up by multiples of ten. Many think that this system is a lot easier than the system that Americans use, called the United States Customary System. Does anyone else think that it’s kind of sad that we not only have our own metric system, but we also named it after ourselves?

If America were to change to the metric system, trade and such would be so much easier. Instead of having to convert the weights and measurement for packages and products sent everywhere but America, we could skip that entire process and probably save some money.

Literally almost all of the rest of the world uses the metric system (Liberia and Bulimia do not). It’d be different if only a few countries used it because then keeping our measurement system wouldn’t be that big of a deal. But almost everyone has had it since the late 1800s. Americans are too stubborn for their own good. I mean, come on guys, you’ve had hundreds of years to think about this.

America has authorized the use of the metric system, but it does not teach it in schools. You know the whole miles per hour thing? Everyone else uses kilometers. So imagine American tourists’ confusion when driving on foreign roads.

If America does switch, there comes with it a few problems. Re-teaching everyone and changing the content in the schoolbooks. Adults in America would probably be required to learn it through some type of online class. All of these things cost money. Which is something that America doesn’t seem to have a lot of, thanks to large amounts of borrowing and the hoarding of millions of dollars by big name companies and the elite upper class.

Switching a whole nation to a different system than what they were taught would take a lot of hard work and dedication. American people are known to be stubborn and not very susceptible to change. I mean look how long it took for so many of the civil rights movements to succeed?

So switching to the international metric system does have its pros and its cons. The system was created to be interchangeable and easy to use for the lower class, but America is mostly ruled by the upper class. We could have easily switched about 200 years ago. Now, changing our system may cause a lot of problems, but if the government can think of actual ways to avoid or fix these problems, then I say go for it. It doesn’t really make sense for America to be the odd man out when it’s one of the main trade hubs on Earth.