First World Problems


Being in college means a lot of things, studying, making friends and most importantly, working with technology. While working with technology can be great and make things simple, it can also ruin your life when it decides to fail you.

One of the first technological shortcomings you come across on campus is the Wi-Fi. Having a bad internet connection is probably the worst thing to happen to the world since Rick Rolling. You spent a couple of blissful days on campus before everyone is moved in watching so much Gossip Girl that you can’t remember what your own friends’ names are and then it happens, massive move in and suddenly the lives of New York’s elite have to be put on hold because you can’t keep a Wi-Fi signal for more than two seconds.

What am I supposed to do without my clique twitter, yik yak and Instagram? Actually talk to people? Ridiculous.

The real problems with a bad connection always seem to come when you need the internet the most. Remember that research paper that you forgot about until today and it’s due tomorrow? How will you research your topic? Will I have to actually go to the library and do my OWN research? With BOOKS? Like some sort of ANIMAL?

A bad internet connection is not the only terrible technology on this campus. Oh no. Let’s not forget the printers from hell. It seems that you only need to use the printer when you completely forgot to print out your two-page essay and you just got there after the guy who just HAS to print out a 100 page something.

The important thing while printing is to remain calm because it is a known fact Millikin printers can smell fear. It could be anything, everyone else is trying to print at the same time, or the printer is out of ink, or its just your luck and there’s a paper jam. Or all of these things are happening at once and you have two minutes to get to the fourth floor of Shilling.

The hardest time to have technology fail you is the worst day of the year, registration day. First you wake up early, and then you have a panic attack for a good hour trying to get into classes and having the Millikin website fail you because EVERYONE is on at the same time. Yet you sit there refreshing the page again and again because who’s the most important person to have first dibs on classes? Oh yeah, you. (Well technically seniors have first dibs but that’s another issue).

Even with all these technological mishaps, I could not imagine getting anything done without technology. When technology does fail me though, I feel like my life just ended.