There has probably never been a time that humor did not exist. It has evolved with us and changed over many years, as anyone could see after watching a sitcom from back in the day and comparing it to one that is a bit updated. Some people use it as a defense mechanism and some people are just born funny and have no filter. The problem, though, is when a joke goes too far.

Where is the line between what is and isn’t funny? When is it an appropriate time for a joke, and when is it time to shut up and sit quietly?

On a comedian’s side, almost anything can be funny. There is no censorship, and offended people “need to learn how to take a joke.” Humor can be used to defuse an awkward situation, and lighten the mood. Where would we be without humor? Life can never be taken too seriously, and if you cross the line, the people around you should take it easy, right? Everything has the possibility of being a joke, right?

On the other side, some things should not be joked about because some things are way too serious to ever be found funny. When you’re told to “learn to take a joke,” it’s completely insulting and hurtful. Some people just don’t know when to stop being “funny.”

When a bad joke is made, comedians tend to get angry and defensive, and the offended tend to be standoffish. Generally, it turns into a bad situation. This situation is easily preventable or fixable. All you need is the ability to think before you speak and apologize when you offend.

What I tend to notice nowadays is that people want to push the limits of jokes. Sometimes people have to think before they speak since some things should not be joked about. We need to stop making dead baby jokes and jokes about self-harm. You need to know when you cross the line, and have the ability to suck it up and apologize since you have no idea how one comment could affect one person.

One thing that always infuriates me is when people joke around and say things such as “kill yourself” or “ugh, I just want to die.” You don’t know who you could be affecting when you say questionable things. Humor is perfectly fine and I like to think I’m hysterical, but, if you take anything away from this:

Basically, think before you speak.