Bill Gates “steps up” at Microsoft

Caitlin Husted, Staff Writer

Bill Gates, known for being co-founder of Microsoft and his wealth stature, is moving from his position of chairman of the board at Microsoft, and is instead taking a new role as Founder and Technology Advisor. This new position will allow him to have a more active role in the company.

Bill Gates and his childhood friend Paul Allen, worked together to create a software for the newly emerging personal computer market in 1975. By April of that year, they had Microsoft up and running. Although Allen had to resign from the company in 1983, when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, Gates has remained a strong leader for Microsoft.

According to, the goal of Gates’ position change is that he will be able to devote more time to the company while also supporting new CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella, in “shaping technology and product direction.” A third of his time will be available to meet with product groups for new ideas for Microsoft. According to Microsoft watchers, if Gates manages his new role well, this change of positions will be good for the company.

Personally, I think this change will be good for Microsoft. Bill Gates was the one, along with Paul Allen, who really got the company going, and has kept it going for the many years since. His leaderships and ideas have helped him create an impressive empire, so what’s the problem with having him back on the “idea” scene at Microsoft?

The only problem I see is with the rumors that have been circulating about some of the top investors “pushing to get Gates out of the chairman role to limit his executive power and potential influence over the new CEO.”

Microsoft is, in many senses, Gates’ child; he created it, raised it and is now receiving the chance to watch it flourish. I don’t think that top investors should be able to take that away from Gates. It’s my opinion that he truly knows what is best for the company. Yes, I know that as people age they tend to lose some knowledge of the business world or not come up with as many inventive ideas, but that doesn’t mean people should push Gates’ out of his position.

I think this change will be good for not only Microsoft, but for Gates’ himself. I hope that he uses this position change as a way to move the company forward while also wowing the top investors.