Real world? We can handle this

Caitlin Husted, Staff Writer

Most of our college career is filled with going to classes, working on homework, writing papers and taking exams. At times, it doesn’t seem worth it. We become tired, worn out and just frustrated. And why do we do it? So we can walk across a stage with a piece of paper in our hands?

Actually, no; it’s much more than that.

We go to college to learn what’s out there for us in the “real world.” We learn techniques and information that is necessary for us to succeed later in life. We spend four years pumping knowledge into our heads in order for us to be prepared for the work force once we graduate.

A lot of people have been asking the question, does Millikin prepare students for life after graduation?

According to Margaret Eby, who graduated from Millikin last spring with a major in English writing, it is, but more could be done. She felt like although Millikin prepared her for certain aspects of her new job, there were some parts that could only be learned through work outside of the classroom.

“Because the job market is so competitive now, getting practical experience while still in school is more important than ever,” Eby said.

Although Eby believes that Millikin’s “learn by doing” philosophy is beneficial to students and is a great start, she thinks a little more could be done. She believes that Millikin would benefit from providing students with more opportunities for “practical, on-the-job experience in and out of the classroom” would give Millikin a competitive edge while better preparing their students.

On the other hand, according to senior English and music double major Amanda Hamilton, Millikin is preparing her for her venture into life outside of the Milibubble.

“As an English writing major, I’m required to put together a senior portfolio,” Hamilton said. “There’s a lot of practical information in that class. I’m finding possible publications where I could send my work in the near future and later as I develop my writing. I’m looking for graduate schools and job opportunities and preparing the information I need to apply — such as cover letters, portfolios, and an artist statement.”

She also feels that she is getting the preparation she need with her music major through playing in the Millikin-Decatur Symphony Orchestra and being able to put what she learned in her classes into practice.

Although Millikin is already doing an excellent job providing students with the tools and knowledge to succeed in the real world, but just as in most schools, more can always be done. Millikin would greatly benefit from incorporating more real life experience opportunities into its curriculum, along with the course work.

If Millikin could incorporate some small changes, students would leave Millikin knowing that no matter what they face in the work force, they have no reason to fear because Millikin has prepared them for it.