Is Millikin really a family?

Caitlin Husted, Staff Writer

Throughout people’s lives, they develop many different families. Some are families by blood, but others consist of people who have just happened to come into their life. The real question is: what really makes a family?

On, 10 different definitions pop up, each one explaining a different type of family that is possible. Some talk about the families of blood relations, while others talk about families formed by bonds of friendship and love.

To write down a true definition of a family is impossible because no family is exactly the same. However, there are certain characteristics that are prevalent in every family.

First, a family is there for each other at all times. When life starts to knock you down, your family will be the ones to help you back on your feet. They are the ones who you can turn to when things go wrong. No matter what is going on in life, you can always count on your family to be there to help you through.

Second, Every person in a “family” has a purpose. Some are to encourage, some are to challenge, some are to lead others and some are to care for others. It’s necessary in any family to function correctly.

Lastly, and most importantly, every family has love. All in all, you care about what happens to every member of the family and you want what’s best for them. It may not always be easy, it’s like any kind of relationship, but in the end, they’re all you have.

It’s important to remember that not every moment with your family is full of happiness and sunshine; you don’t see eye to eye on every issue, you argue and you become annoyed with each other. Let’s be honest, every family has its issues.

In my eyes, Millikin is a family; not a family we chose, but more of a family that was thrust upon us. No, not everyone gets along or likes each other, but we all pull together when times are tough.

I saw how the campus reacted after Amanda Puckett died. Everyone banded together and did their best to support the ones who were grieving. I see how professors truly care about their students, and how students care about each other. We all work to encourage each other and make each other better.

That’s what a family is.

You won’t always like your family; in fact, there may be times where it feels like the only feeling between each other is hate, but when worse comes to worst, you can count on them to always be there, and Millikin is. No matter what, you can count on Millikin to have your back