A Shorter Time to Relax

Nicole Johnson, Views Editor

For the past couple of years, since at least my freshman year, we’ve had a week off for Thanksgiving break, and it was lovely.

It was a time to relax, to catch up on all of the sleep lost and to just forget about school for a while (though it would be recommended that you still work on school work during time time). I truly enjoyed my week off.

I remember hearing last year of rumors that Thanksgiving break was going to be a few days shorter. I sincerely hoped that it was all just rumors floating around, but when I looked at the calendar for this semester, it was with the sad realization that the rumors were proven true. Yes, it’s only two days taken off when you look at the Monday through Friday aspect of it, but if you take into account the previous weekend, it’s like four days have been taken away from us.

I’ve heard we could be more unfortunate, that in past calendar years, Millikin students had to be there for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, too. I’m thankful for having this extra day off, but I’m outraged that the break has been shortened.

I won’t point fingers, as the rumor hasn’t officially been confirmed, but I’ve heard the same story again and again from numerous reliable sources. All I will comment is that the entire school shouldn’t be punished because of a smaller group of people.

When asked how students felt about the shortened Thanksgiving break, some students felt disappointed about it.

Desi Thomas, a junior English writing major with a creative writing concentration, expressed anger.

“I’m angry,” she said. “I think it’s wrong, and the reason they’re doing it is wrong.

“It makes me angry because they’re shortening break to accommodate for a selection of students as opposed to the whole. We work our butts off for 10 months and can’t even get two extra days off.”

Christina Espinoza, a junior nursing major, said that it was inconvenient.

“It’s inconvenient to find rides home in the middle of the week,” Espinoza said. “And for me, it’s less time to spend with my family. It’s less time to de-stress from school before finals come around.”

Taana Latu, a junior sociology and political science double major, thinks that it’s stupid.

“The faculty should be more considerate of students’ opinions,” Latu said. “And we should be asked as a whole if Thanksgiving break should be shorter.

“These decisions do matter to most students who have used this break to collect themselves mentally and physically.”

Katie Kern, a senior biology major with a concentration in physical therapy, found it to be stupid as well.

“We’re a private college,” Kern said. “Private colleges get days off that public ones don’t. And what about those with religious or travel reasons? It’s just stupid.”

Kimi Nelson, a senior human services major, was impartial to the matter.

“I know they talked about it last year,” she said. “And we have both fall break and Thanksgiving break. I thought that Thanksgiving break was long anyway. I don’t really care.”

All in all, the reactions to Thanksgiving break are mixed, though it leans heavier on the side of anger and disappointment.

Here’s to less time to de-stress and actually relax. Wishing everyone the luck of not burning out before finals.