Faculty and student reaction to Dr. White’s election

Denny Patterson, Senior Editor

“I am so excited for Millikin’s future. He is someone who will drive Millikin to be the greatest we can be. Ever since meeting him while I was here for UNITY training, I felt so at ease with him. He really cares about the students. Millikin made the best decision in hiring him. He gives himself selflessly to the campus and I’m so glad to have him as our president.” – Grace Barnett, senior

“I am excited to have Dr. White as our fifteenth President. Our experience with him through his first 100 days reflects a great passion for Millikin and what the Millikin experience does for our students, alumni, faculty and staff. I am excited to see him engage this campus in this capacity as I am sure it will continue to drive progress and growth as we move forward.” – Joe Havis, Director of Admissions

“I find Dr. White to be a pragmatic dreamer. He is astute. Intelligent. Sympathetic. He has embraced Millikin and I believe he will be an excellent leader for the greater good of the university.” – Dr. Deb Slayton, Dean of College of Professional Studies “It just shows how contagious the spirit of Millikin is. Once you’re here, you want to be a part of it. I feel Dr. White is capable of doing great things and the students and faculty can now feel secure that the position is filled.” – Aaron Alford, senior

“Dr. White maintains a sense of humor and humanity in the face of the most difficult decisions. He is extremely strategic and focused on the needs of students and the Millikin community.” – Ruby Brase, Interim Vice President of Finance and Business Affairs

“During turbulent economic times, organizations need a seasoned leader who has weathered many storms and one who has a solid track record of success. At Millikin, Dr. White is that seasoned leader. I am confident he will lead us towards many positive changes.” – Dr. J. Mark Munoz, Professor of Management and International Business

“I am really excited to see what Dr. White can do as president. He has already contributed so much as the interim president and I am ready to be impressed.” – Shelbi Baker, junior

“I really could not be happier. I have enjoyed working with Dr. White so much and trust him implicitly with his guidance and leadership for this institution.” – Jared Rixstine, sophomore

“I was delighted to hear that Dr. White will be our fifteenth president. I was impressed with the way he handled the firestorm he came into at Millikin and have wished all along that he would stay. His willingness to immerse himself in Millikin right from the start was very encouraging. I also congratulate our Board of Trustees on recognizing Dr. White’s commitment and positive impact so quickly and acting to elect him our president.” – Dr. Judy Parrish, Biology Department Chair

“As an alumni of this institution, I am excited to see Dr. White as president. He trulyhas a passion for all things Millikin.” – Paul Lidy, Director of Residence Life

“Dr. Pat White has been a calming presence on the campus. He has embraced our students with a great level of care. He is an information gatherer who is intent on finding creative solutions. I congratulate him on his appointment to the role of Millikin’s fifteenth president.” – Raphaella Prange, Dean of Student Development

“I think Dr. White permanently moving into his presidency position is a great move forward for the Millikin community. He brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm that this campus is eagerly in need of. From my first meeting with him when he was chosen to act as interim President, he expressed how he believed that the ownership of the school should be the hands of the students and that would lead to a more positive overall experience for the students at Millikin, and I am excited and look forward to what he has in store.” – Malcolm Branch, senior