Brutally Honest: Do you love Millikin?

Denny Patterson, Senior Editor

Homecoming is a big deal here at Millikin. Since it’s the midst of homecoming, there are numerous alums that will be present on campus. Not only do we receive the chance to meet alums, but it’s also a great opportunity to network. Needless to say, homecoming is a special time.

A common question asked to alums is why they chose Millikin. Well how about asking yourself that question. Why did you choose Millikin to be your home for the next four years? There are multiple answers. Common ones might include class size,program reputation and the sheer beauty of the campus. Millikin is, no doubt, a gorgeous campus filled with diversity and rich in history. For a campus that’s over 100 years old, it’s pretty spot on.

However, just because you chose Millikin, does that mean you actually love it? Is your experience here going to generate a long-term fondness? If you can automatically answer yes, that’s great, because I couldn’t.

When I was asked this question a couple days ago, it honestly caught me off guard. Do I love Millikin? I couldn’t immediately give a definite answer. I mean, there are certain aspects I love, but there are also numerous aspects that rub me the wrong way.

Given that statement, I’m sure many of you are now wondering why I chose Millikin. Primarily due to the reasons I listed above. Millikin was also far away from home where I can be an independent adult, but close enough to return quickly in case of an emergency. Even though I’m a transfer student, Millikin left a lasting impression on me when I visited in 2009. A chance was deserved.

I am now beginning to think that these lasting impressions are disappearing at a rapid pace. After asking this question to others, I was receiving similar responses. One person who wishes to remain anonymous said, “Honestly, I would not go as far to say I love Millikin. If you were to ask me my sophomore year, I would say yes. Now, though, I do not. I often feel like I am not supported or encouraged. I feel like I am torn down. I would honestly not encourage people to attend Millikin and I definitely would not encourage people to get involved.”

Who exactly is at fault here? For a student to feel like they are not being supported or encouraged is downright pathetic on the school’s part. Students are constantly preached about inclusion and engagement, what’s going on?

Another person who wishes to remain anonymous said, “I like the people I’m with and I like my professors, but I do not love Millikin as a whole. I’m actually looking to transfer next year.”

Now, on a brighter note, there are students here who did automatically respond yes. Freshman Sarah Rapp said, “I love Millikin. Just for the short time I’ve been here, I have learned more about diversity. I came from a small town of only straight white people. I love the different cultures and beliefs.”

Freshmen Olivia Bogolin agrees.

“I like that the classes are small and our professors really seem to care about our success. They are not hesitant at all to really help. Plus, I think it’s a really beautiful campus – minus the soy smell.”

This is a hard question to answer because no answer is the same. Like I said, I do love Millikin, but I know there are numerous aspects that need improvement. Once December rolls around and I’m walking across the stage, I know that my love for Millikin will become stronger. My experience here will generate for my fondness in the future, and I hope the same happens for you. Either it be positive or negative, there’s something about this place that will linger in your hearts.