Student involvement fair a success

Caitlin Husted, Copy Editor

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013, Millikin’s very own Student Involvement Fair took place in LRTUC. Many campus organizations gathered in the cramped room in order to show new and continuing students what MU has to offer. Many students came to look around at the different tables and sign their names over to one or more activities that they hope to squeeze into.

The Student Involvement Fair is a great way for students to find a group at Millikin that they are able to connect with. It gives these students the chance to look around and find people that are just like them. By walking around the fair, students are able to see just how diverse Millikin really is. There are so many organizations and groups on campus that no matter what your interests are, you can certainly find the place where you belong.

For incoming freshmen, it can be incredibly intimidating to come to a place where they don’t know anyone. It’s a lot easier going in if you have previously talked to someone that is involved and who can greet you with a smiling face when you first walk through the door for your first experience with the particular activity. The Student Involvement Fair gives students the chance to find their own supportive group of people, which makes leaving their friends and family a little easier and less painful.

When I was a freshman, I did not attend the Student Involvement Fair and I felt like I missed out on joining groups that I could have really connected with. I eventually found where I belonged on Millikin’s campus, but it would have taken me less time and been a lot easier if I would have gone to the Student Involvement Fair and perused through the aisles of smiling faces.

So I encourage Millikin students to not only check out the next Student Involvement Fair, but make sure their organization has a place at the fair in order to help Millikin students find just where they belong.