Fireside Chat

Jacqui Rogers, Student Senate President

To hear that President White can take the “Interim” off of his title has been probably the happiest news for me to hear since being elected Student Senate President. Since having the opportunity to meet him back in April, I knew that he was a perfect fit for Millikin. This belief has only increased in the months to follow. For most regular Presidents, they will go their entire presidency without facing what President White faced within the first two months of his time at Millikin.

One of the reasons I admire President White so much is the fact that he is student-oriented. He always stresses the importance of the students here on campus.Through the previous months, I have seen him put into practice what he preaches. He goes to any student event he is invited to. In regards to Student Senate, he has taken the time out of his busy schedule to assist us in any way possible, whether it is having one on one meetings with Vice President of Academic Affairs Jared Rixstine or coming to our forums. He is also going to work with Senate to host an open question and answer session, only now it can focus on President White’s entire presidency, not just the simple year he was originally going to be here.

President White is not coming into an easy job. His agenda is already filled with many pressing issues on campus, including housing, retention, and budget issues. However, I feel there is no better man to take this on and lead Millikin into a bright future.

Along with President White’s announcement, we also had the Board of Trustee Roundtable that same evening. The topics ranged from the Woods, Student Development, 5 Star, Financial Aid, Public Safety, and quality of education. From here, Jackson Graves, Student Representative to the Board of Trustees, will create a report that will be given to the Board of Trustees the first weekend in November. He will also attend the meeting, giving the student input about certain issues and topics that arise. This has been an exciting week for Millikin! We officially have a President and can start looking at the long term future of Millikin. Welcome to the Milli-Bubble President White and Chris! We are excited to have you!