Cookouts and Kinships

On the evening of August 19, 2022 multiple team sports from Millikin got together for a cookout at the Workman Family Softball Field to bring in the new school year. Softball, Women’s basketball, and Wrestling paired for a fun evening of games, food, and kinship.

 Coach Birt (wrestling), Coach Lett (women’s basketball), Coach Sowers and Coach Tenboer (softball) teamed up to grill and prepare foods like hot dogs, brats, and burgers with an array of chips and fruit for all the athletes to choose from. 

The teams came together to play a huge kickball game to start to help get everyone warmed up with each other. 

Bailey Coffman, a senior women’s basketball player, gave some insight on the event herself. She said, “It was a lot of fun getting to bond with other successful programs on campus! It’s super beneficial to get to know other hardworking students and athletes outside of your sport.” 

Giving these athletes the opportunity to come together and form bonds throughout part of the athletic community is a great way to launch many of their spirits heading into a new year of college regardless of age or year. 

Sarah Lahner, a junior on the softball team at Millikin, also gave some interesting viewpoints. She said, “It was fun seeing everyone and to be able to be back on campus. I wish we could do this with all athletes on campus because Millikin is so fun with everyone here because every athlete should get a chance to just hangout, decompress and interact with one another. This event always helps us returning athletes get excited for the season and it is a cool way to start the school year. As a new athlete, I could only assume this event is intimidating at first. However, it helps you break out of your shell and build connections with new teammates, which is why I think the coaches hold a welcoming event like this. The athletic groups here help us create a supportive environment around campus and develop good relationships outside of our sport.”

 Hearing from other athletes who have been here for a few years is reassuring that the programs here can build relationships with others in your sport and others. Everyone came and went as they pleased, having an enjoyable evening of laughing, good food, and new relationships between sports.