The Wild Times & Rides of the MLB Postseason

Caleb Kelch

After 162 regular season ballgames and roughly 23 games played this postseason, the champion can be crowned. The Washington Nationals shocked the world with their unstoppable underdog power in an October that will be hard to forget. With the odds against them in every round and their backs to the wall numerous times, the Nats still defined all odds and did it as if it was a piece of cake.

The swing and miss of Michael Brantley for the last out indicated a wild celebration that the Nationals and their fan base have waited years for. Daniel Hudson, relief pitcher for the Nats, throws his glove onto the third base side of the field and awaits catcher and battery-mate, Yan Gomes’ outstretched arms. 

Roars could be heard all over the world as every viewer witnessed history. 

The Nats had never been to the World Series before since they moved to D.C. back in the early 2000s nor had they won a World Series game let alone the World Series itself. Before this year’s playoffs, the Nats hadn’t even won a postseason series until their unexpected cruise through the Division Series and the Cardinals finding themselves wallowing on their backs rather than putting up a fight in the Championship Series. 

By the World Series, the Nats had earned their spot in the record books and whether they were granted the trophy or not they knew that they had accomplished the feat they had tried so hard to do the past few years and couldn’t. 

With the loss of Bryce Harper, the game of baseball began to doubt whether or not the Nats could fight their way into October baseball and if they could even get past the Division Series. We all know what their response happened to be. 

Beyond the Nationals’ heroics and victorious outcome, the 2019 postseason was quite the classic and included multiple head to head games that will be remembered for years. 

In the American League, super teams were built and didn’t disappoint as the Yankees and Astros dueled in the American League Championship Series. With a boring outcome, the Astros claimed their spot and return to the World Series with their Game 6 victory over the New York Yankees.

 While the Cardinals and Nationals found themselves with their backs against the walls, but still managed to squeak on through to the National League Championship Series. 

After a miraculous come from behind Game 4 walk-off win and a historic Game 5 domination over the Atlanta Braves, the St. Louis Cardinals found themselves riveting in their traditional love and passion for October baseball. 

Yet succumbing to the Nats in four measly games that made fans, the team, and the city embarrassed. Whilst basking in the glory of victory, the Nats found themselves sitting in preparation for a time that would end up changing their lives forever. 

The 2019 MLB season found power to be at an all time extreme and pitchers were becoming kerfuffled by the persistence of the home run ball, but teams such as the Astros and Nats still dominated with two of the best starting rotations in the game. 

With MVP caliber seasons by Mike Trout, Christian Yelich, Alex Bregman, and Cody Bellinger, the season was just as exciting and momentous as the postseasons, but it only made sense for the World Series to go down to the wire. 

After a horrific start to the season by the Nats, they were down in the standings and seemed to almost have their trade deadline plans already set into place come May. But a turn of events occurred and by the end, here we are celebrating this down and out for the count team that had no business playing October baseball let alone hoisting the trophy that tops them all.  

The 2019 MLB season was an exciting and one to remember and as free agency opens up here soon I’ll be eager and anxious to see where players might sign and what trades could occur. Although, I just want baseball to come back. Let’s hope this off-season is full of enjoyment, star-studded deals, and blockbuster trades so we can get back to the game come February.