Big Blue’s Road Victory Against The Pioneers

Rebekah Icenesse

The Big Blue defeated the Carroll University Pioneers in Waukesha, WI, on Saturday, Oct. 12. The game was a redeemer for the team after losing the previous two games. Their offense and defense plays were improved, and the Big Blue won 30-7. 

Millikin’s defense was strong and a key point in the winning game. They blocked Carroll’s efforts of a field goal and two punts and did not allow them to score any points until the fourth quarter.

In the first quarter, both teams went hard back and forth in efforts to score. Carroll made an interception on a pass intended for Millikin wide receiver Jordan Smith, but no points were ever put on the board by either team, ending the quarter 0-0. 

Wide receiver Colton Lockwood made the Big Blue’s first touchdown in the second quarter with a 13-yard pass. Running back Ladavion Severado also made a touchdown with a five-yard run to bring the score to 12-0 at halftime. 

Carroll was not able to ever get through Millikin’s defenses and did not manage to score before halftime. 

In the third quarter, the only touchdown made was again by Colton Lockwood. Ladavion Severado made a 22-yard run at the start of the fourth quarter to make the score 24-0. 

The Pioneers scored their only touchdown by Michael Johnson. Any other attempts by Carroll were blocked by the Big Blue.

Quarterback Cal Pohrte made Millikin’s last touchdown with a four-yard run-in, ending the game 30-7. 

The Big Blue will next play at home on Oct. 19 against the Carthage Collage Red Men.