Athlete Spotlight: Caleb Bleich


Kaela Adams

Millikin recruits a lot of athletes from around the world. The athlete’s here work so hard to be successful and represent Millikin well.

Caleb Bleich is a very dedicated and hard working freshman at Millikin University.

On top of all of his classes, Bleich is involved in three sports at Millikin. He’s the kicker for the football team, does many different things in track and cross country, and he plays soccer.

Bleich is majoring in Biology/Pre Physical Therapy. He hopes to go to graduate school but might change his major. It takes a lot of time and effort to play three sports but Caleb said, “It’s not too much if you know how to manage your time well.”

When I asked Bleich what his favorite sport was he replied, “soccer because it’s fun and I’ve played it my whole life.”

He is motivated by sports knowing he is always working to get better and serve Millikin well. Some setbacks to playing so many sports at Millikin is “you don’t have a lot of time to do the other things you want to do.”

Bleich grew up in Melvin, Illinois. He grew up playing soccer and running track. He went to All-state for track from 6th grade to senior year. Although he doesn’t play basketball for Millikin, he also went to All-state for basketball all through middle school.

He heard about Millikin from his highschool track coach who is a Millikin alumni and now teaches at Gibson City High School.

Although sports consume a lot of Bleich’s time, he likes to make time for other things he enjoys. In his free time he likes making TikToks, hanging with friends, and listening to music. One of his goals for this year, besides getting good grades, is to become TikTok famous. He tries to make TikToks at least once a week. He believes hard work is the key to success and if you put your mind and effort into something, you can achieve it.

Bleich looks up to his dad the most because “he can come home and be fun after doing a hard days work.”

One thing Bleich wishes he could do is sing. He said if he didn’t play sports at Millikin, he would want to be in the choir. He likes to listen to all music. His favorite artists are Khalid and Leon Bridges.

His favorite movie is either “Tangled”  or “The ShawShank Redemption.” His biggest fears are wasps and spiders. These are just some of the fun facts of Caleb Bleich.

I asked some other Millikin students what they thought of Bleich and how they think he manages his time. Bleich’s roommate Dustin Lohman says, “Caleb is a really nice guy. He cares for so many people and is very good at managing his time. He is a very clean person and such a great roommate.”

Another one of Caleb’s friends Emily Kouzious said, ”Caleb is an amazing athlete. I don’t know how he does it all. Playing three sports is a lot to handle. Me and a lot of other people look up to him for how dedicated and efficient he is.”

Bleich is also of my good friends. He is such a kind guy. He’s always working hard at something different. I look up to him for being able to manage three sports and college classes. This takes a lot of discipline and effort.

It was truly a pleasure to talk to Bleich and get to know more about him. I’m glad we have so many amazing people at Millikin that are so kind and hard working.

Go Big Blue!