MLB Spring Training

Caleb Kelch

Can you smell the freshly cut green grass? How about the nachos from the food vendor or the smoke from the just shot fireworks? Imagining the beauties of baseball can get quite depressing during the offseason especially with how slow the free agent markets have been moving the past few years, but have no fear because baseball is finally near! Teams have arrived and workouts have begun for both the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues. Even though there are still big market players available on the open market, teams are ready to compete and are starting to recognize their chemistry with departures and new additions from the offseason.

Each division seems to be a battle beside the AL Central although the White Sox have definitely improved despite their failed attempt to sign Manny Machado, the Indians still seem to win the title as favorites for the division. Except the Minnesota Twins to be a sleeper candidate in this division. With the Indians barely improving and regressing more, it seems odd to predict them as winners once again, but it shows just how weak and uncompetitive the AL Central is and will be for the 2019 regular season.

For the other divisions, there will be three to four and possibly even a five-team race in the NL Central. Baseball is going to be fun…and competitive…and scary for any diehard fans out there. With all three NL divisions expecting to have at least three teams to compete in each, teams are going to fighting hard even early on in the year. Games will seem to matter so much more in April and May against division rivals than they ever have before due to the upper tier of talent and potential almost every team contains and will most likely exhibit.

Fans for every team will surely be conjuring up ploys on how their favorite teams can succeed and finish at the top by season’s end. Along with several social media arguments on certain games, plays, and why one team is better than another this season has the possibility at being not only one of the best and most competitive ever but one of the worst and even best for the fans. The majority of the fans’ teams will be vying for a playoff spot as the race comes to a close and multiple divisions will be up for grabs.

A few weeks ago, baseball fans seemed depressed because the season was so far away, but now the energy is back to boiling as Spring Training has begun and the baseball fever is starting to settle in once again. With blockbuster deals and possibly a few more along the way, clubhouses all over the country have been shaken up during the offseason and many teams will not only be supporting some new looks but a variety of different players too.

The greatest time of the year is fast approaching and it’s going to be even better this time around with a majority of the league competing for ten spots at the beginning of October.

March is just a few days away and the smell and feel of baseball are reentering the atmosphere. Baseball fans all over the country and world are anticipating the start of the regular season. Come April, the food will be grilled and put into buns, the fans will be jumping up and down, and the teams will be ready to play ball.

Get excited about baseball season because the divisions are bringing the heat and the summer is its victim.