MLB: Playoff Update

Caleb Kelch

Postseason baseball is amongst us and it is getting hot in the baseball world as the weather cools down. The Championship series’ are heating up and quite intense. The Division series were both thrilling and somewhat disappointing. The Brewers dominated over the Rockies and never gave them a chance. The Braves showed signs of life during one game, but the Dodgers overall crushed the young Atlanta squad and didn’t show any mercy. As for the ALDS’, the Astros and Indians series was supposed to be a showdown of two of the better teams in past years, but boy was that a let down. The Astros didn’t let the Indians breathe and continued to torture them game after game. With three series of punishment by one team and given to the other, the Red Sox and Yankees series was seen as the possible outbreak of the trend. At times, it was. Although, the Red Sox still found a way to take the series in four games and showed the Yankees the door that leads them to their respective homes.

The ALCS and NLCS have so far been the best part of the playoffs and all four teams have entered into the limelight. The ALCS has been nothing but back and forth during the games, but the Red Sox have found a way to lead the series 3-1. Which reminds me, will there be another 3-1 loss in the year 2018 or will we not have to face the wrath of the 3-1 series loss this year? To get back on track, the Astros have played a great series it’s just the Red Sox have played better. Plus, they have the hottest hitter in the postseason right now hitting double after double and homer after homer in their center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr., who has never been known as an offensive standout until this series. With a quite possible series win for Boston, expect to see Bradley’s name on the ALCS MVP trophy. The Astros still have a chance to change things, but expect Boston to be hoisting that pennant real soon.

The NLCS has exceeded expectations and could get even better than it already has been. With the Brewers and Dodgers exchanging wins and losses up until games four and five, the Dodgers have found themselves on a roll as they head to Milwaukee to decide who will be the champion of the National League. After an appearance in last year’s World Series, the Dodgers are eager and hungry to obtain the goal and medal they were unsuccessful in acquiring last year. Thanks to a current 3-2 series lead the Dodgers have a possible second chance, but it will be a quite difficult feat to achieve as the Brewers are a tough and clutch team that only needs one game to get hot and win this whole thing. The Brewers have a bench stocked with versatility and power and a bullpen that can start and end games. No other team in the postseason can say they have what Milwaukee possesses. If Christian Yelich, the probable NL MVP, can obtain his regular season form the Brewers are a force to be reckoned with and they can be unstoppable. Especially, if the pitching continues to be dominate and their shortstop Orlando Arcia keeps being clutch for the NL Central champs. There’s no telling who’ll be celebrating in the next few days, but don’t expect either team to go down without putting up a fight.

The 2018 postseason has featured several emotions and the best part is we’re not done yet. Both Championship series’ need to be finished and then it’s the fight for the big prize. The World Series is sure to be exciting once again and the champion will be well deserved. As predictions are being made and statistics thrown out in the open, only time can tell who gains the title of the best team in 2018.