Fireside Chat

Jacqui Rogers, Student Senate President

With another week coming to a close, it means another week’s worth of work accomplished! Or at least we hope with senioritis kicking in. For Student Senate, our Spring Retreat helped us understand what we will be accomplishing this semester and how we can work to achieve these goals.

One of our accomplishments for the first week back is our growth in social media. If you aren’t already, make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! Thanks to Darrah Hulva, our Vice President of Communication, we have started a new weekly series called “Senator Sundays.” So far, Senator McKenzie Saur and Senator Taylor Morthland have been featured. Watch every Sunday to see who will show up next.

As well, we are going to feature other events taking place on campus. Senate will serve as an all-in-one source. Also, if you check out our page on Millikin’s website, you will be able to see all of Senate’s lovely faces as well as our minutes, by-laws and other resources.

We also have two Constitutional Amendments that are going to be proposed at our first Senate meeting Jan. 30. The first one involves the election process. In the proposed amendment, only Executive Board will be elected in the spring. General Senators will be elected in the fall when we would normally elect the First Year Senator.

Another constitutional change is allowing any student to serve on a Student Senate committee. That way, any student is able to participate in Student Senate in some shape. As well, this would allow any Senator to form their own committee. These will be voted on at the Feb. 13 Student Senate meeting.

`Student Senate also has a couple new projects for this semester—one involving recognizing those who help our campus. Student Senate will sponsor a “Student Leader of the Month” and “Student Organization of the Month” recognition that will be awarded to a deserving student and organization each month. Student leaders and student organizations dedicate a lot to our campus and Student Senate wants to help recognize those who sacrifice in order to help Millikin prosper.

Student Senate has also been approached about the student body’s desire to have a Chipotle in Decatur. Student Senate will be forming a committee to see what we can do about this. Most likely, a student petition and contact with the national franchise will be required.

If you want to take part in any of this, please contact a Senator or come to our Feb. 13 meeting at 6 p.m. in LRTUC.