Fireside Chat

Jacqui Rogers, Student Senate President

I would like to start by bragging about how impressed I am with Student Senate this year. In my three years on Student Senate, I have never had a group of Senators and an Executive Board that are as engaged as this group is this year. I feel that we are gathering student feedback more than ever before and are discussing ways to help the students with these concerns.

This past meeting does not serve as an exception to this. One of the topics of discussion involved international students. Our International Senator Nate Trout brought concerns that the international students have a difficult time engaging on campus and with other students. Due to this concern, Nate and Vice President of Academic Affairs Jared Rixstine are co-chairing an International Inclusion Task Force within Student Senate to see in what ways this problem can be remedied. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact Nate or Jared!

Two topics that returned to this Senate meeting were advising and the Woods. Jared and the Senators for the different academic colleges are working on polishing the advising proposal. They are expecting to have a major part of this project done before the end of the semester. Vice President of Administration Kara Anderson is working with an ad-hoc committee to create a website where students can express concerns over the cost of rent within the Woods. More information is to come!

One of the major topics brought up at this meeting was thanks to our faculty advocate, Dr. Laundra. In his Environmental Sociology class, their initial goal was to present to the Board of Trustees encouraging them to divert investments into more environmentally friendly options as opposed to options that have been harmful to the environment. However, this option, Dr. Laundra informed Student Senate, was not going to be entertained by the Board of Trustees. Instead, from the guidance of President White, this topic will be discussed at a forum with the President himself on November 12th at 5pm, hosted by Student Senate. Here, students will have the opportunity to discuss how we can make Millikin more sustainable in their practices, as well as ask President White any other questions related to Millikin. This is a great way for students to get answers about what all has happened from the source himself.

We are fortunate enough to have a President that wants to hear student feedback and be active on campus. On Nov. 12, this will be the first of hopefully many opportunities for students to come get answers and express any concerns. Come to the Parquet Room at 5pm this day and be heard!