The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

The Decaturian

The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

The Decaturian

The Decaturian is Millikin's student-run newspaper. The opinions reflected may not be those of Millikin as an institution.

The Decaturian

Showing Love


Millikin University celebrated the worldwide holiday of Valentine’s Day in the most spectacular way. Something that personally surprised me was the enthusiasm and excitement I saw on the students’ faces when they saw the different candies and treats. One would never think that college students would be as excited to see candy as the average five- or ten-year-old.

However, we are still kids in a way, just big kids. Especially when chocolates, cookies, teddy bears and all the other Valentine’s Day activities come into play, you best believe these Millikin students are going to be there! Along with these festivities there were many student organizations who came out and helped make it not only a day of treats and sweets but also a day filled with Love. That love was expressed in many ways. More than one could imagine.  

For starters, Millikin’s very own Cheerleading team had a station filled with lots of assorted goodies. From sugar cookies decorated in many colors, to puppy chowder, chocolate dipped Oreos, cake cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, pound cake and much more! There were so many options to choose from, one couldn’t decide exactly what to get. You can assuredly say that if you didn’t like one item on the list you had eleven more options to take a pick at. Yes, eleven more! Prices were reasonable, ranging from no more than one to two dollars. These Millikin cheerleaders were nice, welcoming, and friendly. The cheerleading team didn’t have a reason as to why they were selling treats, other than it being Valentine’s Day and just wanting to spread Love on campus.  

Next were the ISO or International Student Organization. Their Valentine’s Day table was unique and heartwarming to say the least. When approaching their table, they had different chocolates, like Kit Kats of different flavors, Hershey’s Kisses, and even Reese’s. The ISO had mini cards set up on both ends of the table. The left side of the table had plan cards and the other side of the table had special notes on them. You simply write and leave a note or notes and take a note of your own along with some candy. You never know what someone is going through or how much kindness is shown to people. So, getting these special heartfelt notes from people you didn’t even know made this a wonderful moment. Everyone that was able to participate in this activity showed kindness just by one simple note. It was a nice idea and was an incredible way to help brighten someone’s day.  

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The Latin American Student Organization or (LASO) was there also. This organization really gave off that Valentine’s Day feel by selling Chocolate covered Strawberries to the Millikin students. The strawberries being homemade was a plus. You had the choice of choosing between 1 strawberry or a box of 3 and they came in regular sizes or large sized strawberries. They too just wanted to spread love around the campus and make sure everyone had a great Valentine’s Day with a delightful, sweet treat to go along with it.


A Sorority that showed some love for this Valentine’s Day was the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. also known as the AKA’s. Their love was shown to the students through handing out beautiful red, white and even pink roses that illuminated everyone’s day. You could see how happy people were to get their own rose. In addition to some chocolates, Nerds and RingPops. Yes, RingPops, just think about the last time you had one of those. Many students admitted it’s been quite a long time since they had one and they were surprised to see them there. From what I could see, there were many students who seemed very shocked about getting a rose. One might assume that not everyone has even received a rose of their own before. So, the AKA’s handing roses out was an amazing gesture and I’m sure that those students felt greatly appreciated.  

The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. known as the Deltas or Lady Reds were there as well giving out a bunch of different goodies. Their table setup included teddy bears and other stuffed animals with roses and a note attached to them. A host of cupcakes decorated with red, white, and pink icing and sprinkles on top. They also had many assorted chocolates, candy bags, and other extra special items for yourself, a friend or significant other to make this Valentine’s Day even more special.  

Pi Beta Phi, the International Sorority, is another organization here on Millikin Campus that sold Angel Grams filled with all sorts of candies this year. This organization is known for their Philanthropic service to others, and they stood on that this Valentine’s Day. While talking to both Jaclyn Reed and Alexis Vogel, they assured me that their goal for the proceeds gathered this Valentine’s Dat would go to a good place, one for a cause. That cause is Pi Beta Phi’s own Literacy fund that helps raise money for schools who don’t have easy access to books. That is truly amazing! Even on the card they attached to their Angel Grams, they left a literacy fact that says, “One in four children will grow up functionally illiterate.” One in four, that’s a big number considering how many kids are being born today. I’m glad that this Sorority was able to do this event to ensure that according to them, “help create a more literate and productive society.” What better way to do that than here right on Millikin’s Campus. 

Overall, all these different organizations did a great job. What was even more exhilarating was seeing all the students come out to have a good time. There was music playing, snacks, candies, roses dancing, the whole shebang. Not one organization was rude or uncivil. They were all nice, enthusiastic, and did things in a timely manner. There was no fussing or chaos amongst the students themselves. I watched as many enjoyed each other’s company and supported each other’s tables. Some sat amongst friends or made new ones. Many laughed, joked, and just had a great time.  

This year’s Valentine’s Day was truly a special one and I know that the love, the gifts, candies, roses, and genuine care shown on this day sparked something magnificent in everyone there. Though Valentine’s Day is one day out the year for the world to come together to show their love, it is not a one-day thing. Loving people, being kind, giving someone a hug, gift giving, and quality time spent is an everyday thing. We should all as human beings strive to love each other more than we did the day before. Make new friendships, mend relationships, comfort and encourage. I hope in the future everyone can come to understand that and therefore execute it throughout their everyday lives. Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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