10 Songs to Soundtrack Your Spring

As it starts to feel less like a chore to go outside, I like to have my playlist mirror that feeling. This spring, I want to share some of my favorite songs that have helped me embrace the incoming warm weather. Who knows, maybe they’ll be up your alley too!

Prince – “Strange Relationship”

April will always remind me of when Prince passed back in 2016. Though that was a very sad day for many, I try to think of it now as a celebration of Prince’s life, legacy and music. “Strange Relationship” is a deep cut from his 1987 album “Sign ‘O’ the Times.” Prince does what he does best on this track, as the instrumentals are playful and upbeat while the lyrics are about not really knowing if you can continue your current relationship with your significant other. In this way I feel like it’s a perfect “changing of the seasons” song: a time of self-reflection, self-care and building closer bonds.

The Strokes – “You Only Live Once”

The Strokes have always felt like a spring/summer band to me. “You Only Live Once” is one of their most uplifting tracks with an infectious guitar riff and lead singer Julian Casablancas doing his best Tom Petty impression. I’ve always thought of this song, and the encompassing album “First Impressions of Earth,” as the band’s way of tackling social issues while also putting their own personal spin on it. Like, “you see all these terrible things going on but don’t let that stop you from living your life the best way you can.”

Lorde – “The Louvre”

Lorde’s “Melodrama” is a cornerstone when it comes to my love of pop music. One of my favorite tracks has always been “The Louvre” with its unorthodox song structure, laid-back production and cheeky songwriting. It’s a song that’s dying to be played while you’re driving with the windows down, not caring what your destination is.

Paramore – “Crave”

Though this song didn’t click with me at first, I’ve only grown to appreciate it more as the year’s gone on. Seasoned pop-punk band Paramore released their highly-anticipated sixth album this year titled “This Is Why,” and it instantly became an album of the year contender for me. This song feels the most like a callback to the band’s previous sounds and it really makes a lot of sense given the lyrical content. Hayley Williams’ voice is as powerful as ever on this track, wishing and craving to relive past memories and past relationships, but she’s also grateful to have had those experiences at all. It’s a song that could soundtrack the end of an A24 coming-of-age movie.

The 1975 – “When We Are Together”

The ending to The 1975’s latest album “Being Funny in a Foreign Language” is a light, sweeping and sentimental acoustic ballad that never fails to get me teary-eyed. Though it’s more tears of joy than anything else, as this song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of love in such a way I’ve never really heard before. Matty Healy sings delicately, “the only time I feel I might get better is when we are together.”

Caroline Polachek – “Hit Me Where It Hurts”

Caroline Polachek is someone I’ve grown more fond of this year. If you’re a fan of pop icons like Charli XCX, Dua Lipa or even Kate Bush, I think you’ll find something to love about her. “Hit Me Where It Hurts” is one of my personal favorites. It shows off her knack for melody and production, and her astounding, unique vocal ability.

SZA – “Prom”

I think this will forever be the most underrated SZA song. Coming off of her fantastic debut album “Ctrl,” this song is one of the more upbeat ones while also having some of SZA’s best lyricism and wordplay in her career so far. I think the line “promise to get a little better as I get older” perfectly represents how this song is about growing up and being able to be more mature and up-front with your emotions. This song also just holds a special place in my heart because it was one that helped me a lot during the transitional period between high school and college.

Genesis Owusu – “Don’t Need You”

Probably the most niche song on this list, but gosh if it isn’t entertaining. The “you” Genesis is referring to on this song is actually his anxiety and depression. This song is a mix of a bunch of different genres and ideas, from rap and rock to R&B. It’s a super fun, yet introspective tune that I bet will make you feel better.

JID – “Stars”

If any of you are fans of Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne or A$AP Rocky, I know you’ll find something to love about JID. Based in Atlanta and signed to J. Cole’s label “Dreamville,” JID is one of the hungriest young rappers in the game right now. With an unmatched flow and clever one-liners, he only keeps getting better. “The Forever Story” was one of my favorite albums of 2022 and “Stars” is easily one of the best and most unique songs from that project. With a droning beat, JID’s many different vocal inflections and even an outro from hip-hop veteran Yasiin Bey, this song truly has everything you could want out of a rap song.

Fleetwood Mac – “You Make Loving Fun”

The last song I wanted to shout out is no doubt a classic. It’s not as big as “Dreams” but at least it’s off the same album. Christine McVie takes the forefront on this dreamy, carefree tune that’s simply about being in love and loving every moment you get to spend with that person. I still can’t believe we got such an organic sounding love song out of an affair McVie had, but love is love I guess, right?