Students Witness Arrest of Murder Suspect


Many Millikin students witnessed Decatur Police arrest a Decatur man for first degree murder.

“They just surrounded the West Towne area,” Junior Olivia Cooper and Woods Resident said.

Courtesy of Jamey Witmer.

WAND TV reports that Police arrested Anthony C. Webster for first degree murder in a shooting that happened near Millikin’s campus Thursday morning.

Sophomore Anna Wegrzyn told Decaturian staff members, “Literally just got back from Walmart and thought we saw a car accident and then hear, “Person in apartment 3… Come out with your hands up.” around the 1030 apartment.”

Courtesy of Jamey Witmer.

Webster will be booked into the Macon County Jail. The majority of the police presence had cleared by 9:00PM.

Millikin University issued a follow-up email with information about the situation after the scene was secured. Millikin Police Chief Chris Ballard issued a campus safety advisory at 11:26AM in regards to the shooting.

Courtesy of Jamey Witmer.


This is a developing story. The Decaturian is working to learn more.