Black Student Union Hosts BSU Week


Photo by Arica Burns

Arica Burns

This past week was BSU Week, which is where the Black Student Union (BSU) holds events to bring awareness to their culture. These events provide awareness by giving the other students a chance to come out and see what they’re about. Black Student Union wants all students to come out and take part in their events.

The Black Student Union, known as BSU, is a group that tries to be a safe place for African American students. BSU is all about bringing awareness to their culture and showing inclusivity. BSU invites students of all races out to their events because it’s not only for the students of color.

“It is a week of events to introduce the campus to us,” JaCarla Anderson, President of BSU, said. “It’s a week of different events that hits different areas of the black campus. I think we have BSU Week to introduce you to something new that you may know nothing about.”

From Oct. 28-Nov. 2, the Black Student Union hosted events each night and provided a place for students to come out and take part. An email sent out and posters plastered around campus is how they got the word out there. Throughout the week, many people passed BSU as several of their events happened in the UC lobby. 

On Monday the 28th, they had what they called the Family Reunion, and it consisted of food, music, and games. They danced in the UC lobby, and they saw a turnout of a few people that were new to the group. That event started the week off with a bang for the following events to try to top.

Tuesday was an informational night to talk about why the students came to Millikin. It was a night of questions and explaining what being at Millikin means. It was a night of expressions and support.

Wednesday night was Soulful Expressions, and it started with the students having fun. Soulful Expressions started with Open Mic for students to come up and perform a song, dance, or read a poem. There was a surprise guest that came, Kayla Foster, also known as Miss Melanin. The students went wild over the words she shared.

Thursday night was Scary Movie Night in KFAC to go with Halloween. 

Friday night was Say Their Name. Say Their Name was to honor those that fell to the injustice in this country.

Saturday, Nov. 2 was the final day of BSU Week, and it was the Neon Lights. Neon Lights ended the week of events. It was the final party to really bring everyone out just to have a good time and to celebrate the end of a good week.

“I do feel as though, in a way, everybody is supportive, but there are those that are more supportive than others,” Serron Pettis, a sophomore who was Mr. Ebony ’19, said. “I have come to learn that some people, white males and females, think that they can’t be a part of BSU. Anybody can be a part of BSU and join. It’s BSU because it’s from our perspective, but it’s not to keep everyone else out. We want to see everyone come out, not just our black community, but everyone.”

Black Student Union is the oldest minority organization at Millikin, and that’s important. That BSU has stood tall this long shows the force of what this organization is all about. They last because they stick together and support each other, but they don’t let their words drown out.

The Black Student Union is about making a change and being able to see the progress. This past week, they shared their culture with everyone that came out. Every year, they strive to explain their culture in different ways to make a difference. This is their way of welcoming the other students and faculty into their world. Everyone should watch their emails to prepare for next year’s BSU Week!