Rocky Horror Picture Show


Photo by Ronnie Ovando-Gomez

Are you all shivering with anticip-


Well, the jokes on you, because the castle has already left the ground.

The Avon Theatre hosted its annual Rocky Horror Picture Show, on October 25th and the 26th, at 10pm each night. Tickets ranged from $8-10, but the Avon was also seeing prop bags for $4 that could be used during the show. 

The actors weren’t the only ones dressed up for the event, as the Avon both allowed and encouraged audience members to come out and dress as if they too were in the ensemble. 

According to the event post, “If you haven’t heard,everyone dresses up CRAZILY at this event…Basically, this is your chance to wear that one outfit that you brought to college that you never know when you’ll wear it. No matter what you do at this event, nobody will judge you. That’s the beauty of Rocky.” 

Many of Millikin’s own students were in the main cast, such as Mackenzie Barnett playing Janet Wiess; Al Joritz as Brad Majors; Brian Barker as Riff Raff; Jasmine Humphrey as Magenta; Delaney Schmidt as Columbia; John DeAngelo as Eddie/Dr. Scott; Chase Nelson as Rocky; Colin McGonagle as The Criminologist; and Kevin Escobar as the famous Dr. Frank N. Furter.

“[Dr. Frank. N. Furter] is a ‘sweet transvestite’ from Transexual, Transylvania,” said Escobar. “He has come to Earth and he has created this muscle man creature, Rocky … So Brad and Janet come by and [Frank] takes them in for the night and he shows them ‘forbidden fruit’ as the criminologist would say.” 

The actual show itself consisted of the Rocky Horror Picture Show film playing in the background, while the cast reenacted it in front of the screen. However, the cast took full advantage of the entire theatre, as the cast would often run down the aisles during certain scenes, throw toilet paper towards the stage, and many other ensemble members sat in different seats shouting out responses to the actual film. 

When Frank rubbed his made up face, someone shouted, “That’s not Maybelline, it’ll probably smear.” When Frank actually said “A toast” someone shouted beforehand, “What did you eat for breakfast?”

“[The ensemble] act[s] out the characters of the movie that are not, like, significant roles but extra roles such as the people in the lab, the people in the wedding, etc,” said Emma Jean Lupp, an ensemble member. Lupp also stated that she will be in leadership part and playing the role of Columbia in next year’s show. 

Both Escobar and Lupp mentioned how the process of being picked to perform works and their thoughts on being picked.

 “Actually, I didn’t originally sign up for this role,” said Escobar. “I just kind of got an email saying that I was playing that role…When I first got it, I was initially a little hesitant, because body image has not always been a great thing with me. But it was a lot of fun to step out of my comfort zone with this solo.”

“What happens in our little group is that [the roles] get passed down to people that they think would be suited for it” said Lupp. “When I got asked I knew that I wanted to do it because it’s a celebration about weirdos, and it’s just a good time. It’s an opportunity to perform and I’m an actress, so that’s great. It’s a chance to get a little naked on stage and be vulnerable. It’s a really cool opportunity that I think almost everyone should experience before they die.” 

“Come to Rocky next year, it’s always a fun time,” said Escobar.

The Avon Theatre is located on 426 N Water St, Decatur, Illinois 62523.