English Department: What you can Expect

Millikin is home to multiple English-based activities and publications. As the semester progresses, here’s what to expect from English Club, Collage, and Burst.    

English Club is hoping to host many exciting events. Millikin’s English Club is partnered with Sigma Tau Delta, the international collegiate English honors society. This year, the English Club president is Athena Pajer. Alex Johnson will serve as the vice president and treasurer, and Rebeah Icenesse will act as the secretary and media director.

“We’re looking forward to having fun and coming together as English majors,” Pajer said. “The club itself is not just for English majors. Anyone who has an interest in literature, storytelling, just being around books – if you’re into that, then English Club is good for you.”

The club will plan multiple activities throughout the year. Right now, they are hosting Banned Books Week from September 23 to 29. This week is a celebration of literature that has faced censorship. There will be a reading on Wednesday, September 26.  Members can share banned literature or pieces that they have written.

There are also plans for a reading of spooky literature to take place around Halloween. This Millikin event is known as Poe in the Pit. More events will be planned throughout the year. To learn more about these activities or to join English Club, students can contact Athena Pajer or Dr. Michael O’Conner. “Joining this club again kind of woke that little spirit in me that loves just thinking about literature,” Pajer said. “I hope that everybody who comes to a meeting helps and that they have a little piece of it.”

Collage, Millikin’s literary and arts magazine, is also looking for an active membership. This magazine is published once a semester. Every edition features stories, poetry, photography, and artwork created by the Millikin community. This semester’s edition will be distributed a few weeks before winter break. Past editions of Collage can be found throughout campus.  

“One thing I liked to do once I got here was find different ones I didn’t have and collect them. I like to see which one is the oldest one I can get,” Carrie Thompson, this year’s editor-in-chief, said.  She enjoys reading editions that feature the work of students who have graduated. “They don’t go here anymore, but their story is still here in a way. It’s like an ongoing legacy.”

Although many submissions come from students, Millikin faculty and alumni can also submit their work for publication. Students are also needed to serve as editors and designers. Anyone who is interested in joining Collage should contact Thompson. “A lot of times it feels like some people’s talents kind of go under the radar,” Thompson said. “It’s our goal to put out the best work that a person can make and highlight their talents.”

New to campus this year is Burst, a student-run magazine. Their first issue will focus on social problems. The magazine will include timely articles about the world as well as information about the activities of Millikin students. “We want students to pick up our magazine and learn about the world around them as well as a few cool things about what the people at Millikin are doing to change it,” president Alexsenia Ralat said.

The first issue will come out during finals week. A new issue of Burst will be published every semester. “Our focus is to help burst the Milli-bubble and help students become aware of the world and what’s happening around them,” Ralat said. “We want students to be involved in positive change and we hope to bring attention to ways that they can do so.”

Students are needed to write articles and help with design and layout. Burst is also looking for art and photography submissions. Students who are interested in getting involved with Burst can contact Ralat, art director Adam Macke, or Dr. Julie Bates.