LGBTQ News Corner

Jason Messina

New Georgia Bill may allow Discrimination towards same Sex couples.

Senate Bill 375 recently passed the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee on February 20th. The bill, also known as the Keep Faith in Adoption and Foster Care Act, will now be moved to the Senate for their decision.

This bill would allow for adoption agencies to turn away same-sex couples due to the idea of freedom of religion. Many same-sex couples and even transgender couples in Georgia could be openly discriminated against and, more importantly, denied children that they would want to adopt.

Many children who need loving homes may not get the chance to be in families or foster homes all because of the potential of this bill.

This bill is allowing discrimination under the guise of freedom of religion. Along with the many loving couples that would no longer be able to adopt, many children, some of which who identify as LGBTQ, may no longer go to the house that best suits them.

Freedom of religion is in fact important, but why should it be able to not only take away other’s freedoms and create problems for people who just want to be happy?

Health Care Discrimination.

Freedom of Religion is seeming to be more important than ever as yet another group is pushing for the rights associated with it. Underneath Trump, the Department of Health and Human Services has been moving closer towards pushing for freedom of religion for healthcare providers and services.

HHS confirmed the formation of a Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom within its Office of Civil Rights.

“The creation of the new division will provide HHS with the focus it needs to more vigorously and effectively enforce existing laws protecting the rights of conscience and religious freedom, the first freedom protected in the Bill of Rights,” A press release stating the move said.

This can potentially lead to many problems for people all over America. Freedom of Religion, in essence, is a good thing but it can however create issues for people with differing views.

Imagine not being able to get the medication required simply because it would go against a group’s religion. Abortion has already been an issue on this debate. It will also create issues for people who could be trying to undergo hormone treatment or surgery for the purposes of sex change.

Along with these potential risks, someone could simply refuse to help you based on their religion and what your affiliation is. These are all extreme examples and circumstances, but just because they are extreme doesn’t mean it won’t eventually happen.

Mississippi Town Pride Parade Cancelled.

Starkville Mississippi, home of Mississippi State University, canceled the Pride parade scheduled in March after a vote to give the permit ended in a vote of 4-3. Many were upset as the council who made the decision left through the backdoor.

The town, although stating that they are inclusive and diverse, still had to deal with this decision which seems to contradict it.  

Along with the problem of the vote ending in the rejection of the parade, there is the insult that the city alderman gave no reason as to why this was the decided outcome.

Many are furious as the parade had a lot of support.

The town is home to a state university and this is probably a thorn in the side of  the many groups in town and at the university itself.