UCB’s First Open Mic Night

Caleb Kelch

The new University Commons has allowed for several groups on Millikin’s campus to branch out and start up new events. The UCB’s Bailey Hope and Mikaela Wattleworth, co-music chairs and big events, came up with the concept of having open mic nights with all sorts of different arts all around campus and its surroundings. Bailey and Mikaela hope to bring a new concept of the open mic to Millikin. Plans for future events have already been set monthly and possibly even for next semester. The two are hoping to change the way the open mic is foreseen on campus.

For their first event, they went with a traditional, music-oriented open mic night which featured Dallas, Texas duo D and Chi. This indie-pop duet started the show off with a bang. With an hour long performance, you were captured by Chi’s melodical and mystical harmonies and falsetto. Each word that slipped from Chi’s lips ricocheted from ear to ear and sent chills rolling down the spine. D kept you on the edge of your seat with his harmonious strumming and philosophical lyrics that melted into your brain. The aftereffects of these lyrical movements rang in your mind and allowed you to explore the enactment of this creative expression.

Together, the pair brought a sense of establishment and professionalism mixed with a fuse of true passion for the music and a love for performing. With every lyric sung, you began to feel how important the music was to these two. No more were these two just performing for a group of college students, but rather living the dream. Singing came from the soul, the lyrics from the heart, and the overall collaboration from fate.

D and Chi started busking on the streets in South Dallas back in 2013. At this time, performing was simply for gas money and nothing more. It wasn’t until later that year and once 2014 became a thing that they realized how important music truly was to them and that they could actually make a living from it. Ever since, the duo has received an endless amount of support and a few handfuls of success every year.

They continue to make progress day in and day out. D and Chi have booked a tour that stops at 27 different colleges across the country including Millikin. They love the opportunity to play for college students as they know how popular the indie genre is in the college world nowadays. Possessing this opportunity has allowed them to connect with hundreds to thousands of students across the nation; that is quite the experience. D and Chi are beyond thankful to have acquired this life and situation.

D and Chi put on a heck of a show that showcases their talents, passion, and pure genius. You may want to follow them on social media because these guys have a lot of potential in the near future.

The rest of the evening was filled with some fellow student performers that helped send wonderful music into the atmosphere and the audience’s ears. The UCB ran a fantastic show and put together a marvelous evening for the students and members of the community. The next UCB Open Mic Night will be Slam Poetry Night on Feb. 21st at 8:00pm at Einstein’s in Shilling Hall. This event will feature another special guest, so don’t miss out!