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Donald Trump’s First Month

Chris Diver, News Editor

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As of February 20, 2017 Trump has officially been the 45th President of the United States for one month and has accomplished many of his campaign promises. In his first month of office, President Trump has worked almost non stop to keep his campaign promise of making America Great Again. Trump has been working to replace several mandates and policies put in place during the Obama administration over the past month.

This week in particular, Trump officially repealed Obama’s transgender bathroom laws, which was a federal policy that required all 50 states to change their laws regarding transgenders in public restrooms. Trump got rid of this policy allowing states to chose their own laws regarding the issue. This policy being overturned is part of Trump’s idea of less government oversight in the public sphere and allowing states to decide how to govern themselves instead of the federal government taking over the states.

Trump also on Friday spoke at CPAC, a conference he was banned from the previous year and promised to work towards his policy of for every one regulation the government wants to pass, they have to get rid of two already existing regulations for the bill to go through. This policy was a key part of Trump’s economic plan during the election as part of allowing small businesses to form and prosper without being held back by government regulations and bureaucracy.

This week Trump also managed to use the media to his advantage the way he has been during the entire election season. Earlier this week, Trump made a comment during a speech about “An incident last night in Sweden.” However, this was a gaffe as there wasn’t any type of incident that happened in Sweden and the media mocked the President for it. But what ended up happening was the focus then went to Sweden who only a few days later had a riot in a suburb of Stockholm that is highly populated by refugees. By doing so he laid a trap out for the media by knowing they’d mock him over it, and then when they turned their heads to the country of Sweden and saw what was really going on, they proved that there is some truth to his immigration policies.

Trump has also recently gotten several members of his cabinet confirmed by the senate including the controversial Scott Pruitt to head the EPA as well as Steven Mnuchin as Secretary of the Treasury. Pruitt was a somewhat controversial choice amongst Trump’s opponents due to the positions he has taken on the theory of manmade global warming and Steven Mnuchin had taken some heat as well due to his association with Goldman Sachs. But nonetheless, despite controversy, Trump’s cabinet has been almost complete with only a few members remaining including Trump’s new pick for Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta. There is yet to be any progress regarding Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch as a vote has not been held yet to officially appoint Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

While this week has been successful for Trump, Trump has also encountered a few speed bumps along the way. Currently, Trump’s controversial Travel ban is still being fought in the legal system and there hasn’t been any progress one way or another. The constant fight between the White House and the mainstream media still continues with the media still being strongly critical of Trump with Trump responding that they were “very fake news.” However, Trump has been a media personality for most of his career so being in conflict with the media is something he has not only gotten used to by now but when they hit hard, Trump knows how to hit harder.

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Donald Trump’s First Month