Fun at Alpha Chi’s & Pies


Kathryn Coffey, Writer

For about ten years, Alpha Chi Omega has delighted students, staff and family members alike with their annual event Alpha Chi’s & Pies. Everyone was welcome to attend if they purchased a ticket ahead of time from a member or bought one at the door.

For the price of admission, people got an unlimited number of desserts of all shapes, sizes and flavors. There were cupcakes, purple-dyed Rice Krispy treats, chocolate chip toffee, brownies, cake, doughnuts and a various assortment of pies. They even had Little Caesar’s pizza for people to eat.

Each member had to bring something to share at the event. Besides bringing delicious treats, they also brought bright smiles and welcoming dispositions. The entire first floor of the house radiated with the welcoming warmth of fire, yet no one set one up in the fireplace. Whether it was the warmth of the lamps or the friendly demeanor of the Alpha Chi members, it felt like everyone was welcome.  

Almost every seat was filled with students from different backgrounds talking, laughing and spending time together.  

“I suppose you can think of it as an introduction to rush without knocking people over the head with it,” Andie Burns, a member of Alpha Chi Omega, said.

“This is our staple event. It would be very difficult to come up with something different to draw in the crowd when we already have a gold mine in our fingertips. People would be really mad if it doesn’t happen during the year,” Burns said.

There would be many people on campus who would agree. Everyone who attended had that relaxed vibe that free desserts, friendly faces and the joy of getting together with people you know and appreciate can provide.  

In addition to bringing desserts to share with Millikin students, members came around the tables asking people if they wanted to buy raffle tickets. Three baskets offered various goods such as Starbucks niceties, popcorn for movie nights and other assortments of gifts. Stephanie Brown, Kevin Stoffel, and Kailey Powers each won one of the baskets.

Not only do the proceeds encourage students to consider Greek Life in their near future, but they also go toward a greater good: the sorority’s philanthropy.  

Alpha Chi Omega’s national philanthropy is domestic violence awareness. As a national organization, they have stood by the need to help those who experienced domestic abuse since their adoption of the goal in 1992.

Students may have noticed the purple ribbons near Shilling Hall. Since October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month, the ribbons were made to commemorate the importance of this occasion.   

It would only be fitting that this year’s proceeds of Alpha Chi’s & Pies went to supporting the DOVE shelter, a volunteer service program dedicated to helping those in most need of help. The organization is known for working with this organization in the past. Most of the members of Alpha Chi volunteer there on a regular basis.  

As Burns stated, this event was like a preview to recruitment. On Nov. 17 at 5 p.m., Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, and Pi Beta Phi will open up their houses to prospective members. Progressive Dinner gives the women on campus the chance to experience the perks of what Greek Life offers. Look out for more information soon!