Honors Convocation

Honors Convocation went swimmingly thanks to the students and staff here at Millikin University. Dr. Michael Luxner, Professor Music, gave a wonderful speech titled “That Iron Sting: Self-Reliance and the Life of the Mind.” The speech itself captured to audience in its intricacy and his obvious knowledge on the subject. A special thank you goes out to the Millikin String Arts Ensemble for its rendition of Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik,” as well as the Millikin Sinfonietta’s performance of Charles Ives’ “The Unanswered Question.”

The College of Arts and Sciences was the first to present its awards, the first being the Behavioral Science Award, presented to Ramey M. Sola. Next up was the Henry F. Gromoll Service Award, which was given to Steven G. Greathouse. The Biology Honors Award was given to Jessica Brinegar and Jenna M. Farquhar. Then was the Dr. Neil Baird Biology Lab Assistant Award was awarded to Adam G. Falasz and Emily J. Talbott. Other distinguished awards included the Outstanding Journalism Award, awarded to Caitlin E. Husted as well as the Modern Languages Linguistic Excellence Award, given to Estefany Rosiles. The Alice Ambrose Lazerowitz Philosophy Award was presented to Courtney C. Burress. The Rev. Robert S. and Doris Stewart Prize in Religion was awarded to Courtney C. Burress, Crystal A. Prusek, and Eric D. Smull.

The Colleges of Fine Arts went next, with its first award being the Pi Kappa Lambda Outstanding Senior Award, which was awarded to Abigail J. Karnes, Phillip R. Lopez, and Jared L. Rixtine. The Pressor Scholarship was awarded to Grey S. Taxon. The Thomas A. Johnson Memorial Award was presented to John P. Robinson. The Dr. Maria Klott Memorial Award was given to Mary M. McCormack. The Ron Smith Award in Musical Theatre was awarded to Lexis N. Danca. The Marvin Klaven Art Award was presented to Carly R. Conway and Emma C. Morrison. The Dorothy Sellers Art Award was given to Madison J. Ciaccio, Michael K. Holmberg, Michelle D. Holsapple, Meghan N. Miller, Taryn N. Pepping, Kathryn F. Scarim, and, Natalie T. Zelman.

The College of Professional Studies awarded many of its students, its first award being The Barbara and Robert Byrkit Award was presented to Summer L. Hemphill and Jacquelynn N, Rout. The Smith/Orlandini Book Award was awarded to Meagan M. Booth and Sarah L. Bradley. The Walter Witt Award was given to Austin G. Brummett, Deionnte M. Honorable, Gavin A. Kitson, and Justice N. Miller. The James Millikin Theory and Practice of Nursing Award was awarded to Emily R. Love and William J. Shepherd.

The Tabor School of Business’ first award was Glen R. Smith Award was given to Deborah A. Vogel. Next was the Smith/Quigle Family Award was awarded to Margaret H. Nowak. The Margaret Sparks Award was presented to Jocelyn S. Hernandez. The Paul R. Winn Achievement Award was given to Amanda M. Lee and Jeremy D. Maxwell.

The University Awards started off with the Alpha Lambda Delta Senior Book Award was presented to Adam G. Falasz. The JoAnne Trow Award was given to Madeline A. Moylan. The Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Illinois Delta Chapter Award of Excellence was awarded to Cory R. Arnold, James S. Branham, Nicholas R. Gaines, Francisco J. Gama, and Kyle A. Johnson. The Millikin University Greek Five Star Chapter Award was awarded to Tri Delta.

The Scovill Prizes, the most coveted student award of the night, was awarded to eight outstanding students. Emma P. Hoyer, Grey S. Taxon, Kathryn Stranpolus, Cristina E. Cummins, Kathryn Strongsmend, Cassidy I. Kinger, and Hailey A. Hogencamp.

Overall, the night was filled with the recognition of many outstanding students and faculty members.