Library Construction: Where do we go now?

Over Winter Break construction was began on Millikin’s new Student Center, which will be located in Staley. The center will feature the library, as well as a student recreation center, cafeteria, and all of the centers and offices that the building previously offered to students.

“My hopes for the future of Staley Library are to have one central location for students to be able not only to study, but to receive the resources that they need.” Said Carrie Pierson, Director of the Office of Student Success. Pierson mentioned that both the Writing Center and the Math Center will be located within the Student Center as well. She said that, “students will be able to access everything that they need in a one stop shop.” The building is expected to be the main hub here on Millikin University’s campus and construction is set to be finished in 2017.

“Everything is as accessible as it was before,” said Pierson. She isn’t lying either. Most of the student assistance centers have been relocated within a very short walking distance from Staley and the main part of campus. The Math Center is located within Shilling 408; the Office of Student Success is in Shilling 204; the Honors Lounge is in Dolson’s first floor classroom (be wary of who is in there during the day, some classes have been relocated to the classroom as well). Cheryl Chamblin’s office is located within Scovill 314D and the Writing Center has been relocated to Lower RTUC room 120, right across from the Bistro and within the Office of Student Organizations.

So where are students supposed to go to get the books they need for class and conduct research, or find the study rooms while the building is under construction? Well, Staley Library has been temporarily moved to New Hall Three, which is located across the street from Shilling. There’s a sign on the back of the building that reads “Staley Library,” so thankfully, it is not too hard to find. Sadly, the new location of the library does not house all of the books that the previous location held. Since New Hall Three is significantly smaller than the old building, it only contains the leisure books, the DVDs, a computer lab, and multiple study and collaboration spaces. These spaces are mostly located on the second and third floors in New Hall three. You may ask, “well that’s great newspaper lady, but where are the books?” Well do not fret fellow students! You may acquire the books you need by requesting them at least a day ahead of time. Then, if Millikin is in possession of said book, that book will be taken from the storage unit where all of the books that would not fit in New Hall were moved to. The book will then be delivered to New Hall so that you can pick it up the next day.

So can students stand the weight for their new Student Center? “I think if we can get through the year and a half of temporary locations…which we should be (able to) everything is as accessible as it was before. There is nothing that they (students) can’t get to. (Then) I think the new building will be amazing. In order to have a new building we have to make a few adjustments to get there,” said Pierson.

Millikin will be able to run as functionally as it did before construction began and will continue to provide all of the centers and offices that it’s students need to succeed. When construction is finished, the new Student Center will be the perfect place for students to conduct research and socialize.