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Donald Trump Promises to Repeal Same-Sex Marriage Decision


            Donald Trump is at it again with his homophobic tendencies. Trump recently told Fox News Sunday that if he were to be elected President of the United States he would appoint Supreme Court Judges to reverse the decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Trump has repeatedly let the public know how he feels about the decision and about gay individuals in general. Admittedly, Trump has not made many outrageously homophobic comments during his run for the presidency. He has said that gay marriage is not his “thing one way or another.” It has been documented that Trump supports the First Amendment Defense Act, which is a bill that would give special protections to homophobes. If passed, the bill would let any person, business, or government employee discriminate against members of the LGBTQ community and claim their religion as a justification for their actions. Trump has said that, “if Congress considers the First Amendment Defense Act a priority, then I will do all I can to make sure it comes to my desk for signatures and enactment.” He said, “we have some very terrible Supreme Court justices, and frankly, they should have at least had that [same-sex marriage case] as a state’s right issue.”


The Pastor Protection Act


            Florida’s House is ready to vote yay or nay when it comes to the “pastor protection act,” and act that is aimed to protect churches or preachers against lawsuits due to them refusing to preform same-sex marriages. The House Judiciary Committee just approved the measure Feburary fourth and it is expected to pass. Every Republican within the committee voted for the act. Democrat Rehwinkel Vasilinda was the only Democrat that voted in favor. Many pastors and gay rights activists spoke on the bill. Many of the pastors who spoke were for it. But, interesting fact, several pastors who represented rather larger denominations opposed it, they said “that it’s not needed.” Others argued that since there have been cases within the United States where pastors and churches were sued for refusing to perform a same-sex marriage. Supporters hope that the bill will not be needed. Republican Matt Hudson said to Associated Press that, “you never hope you’re going to need your airbag right? But frankly, you’d like to have one just in case.”


Australian Marriage Alliance airs anti-gay commercial

The Marriage Alliance came out with an anti-gay commercial last year that enraged viewers across the country. The ad talked about how it was important to understand all of the consequences that people would face if same-sex marriage became legal. The network that aired the commercial, Foxtel, received numerous threats of cancellation from its viewers. This year, The Marriage Alliance is at it again. This time with an ad that depicts a woman dressed in white sitting at a deck with an open laptop. The woman seems to be in distress, she has her head in her hands. Wrapped around her neck is a rainbow colored noose. The ad reads “same sex marriage increased PC bullying in the workplace.” Australian MP Tim Watts was not happy; this is what he said to the Australian Parliament about the ad:

“While the Australian Marriage Alliance claims to speak for mainstream Australia and the silent majority, it will not disclose who funds it, or who is a member of it. This is a group that regularly quotes data opposing marriage equality but refuses to disclose the sources for this data…”

The Marriage Alliance tweeted the ad on February third saying “#MarriageEquality empowers political correctness. Based upon overseas experiences, job insecurity will increase.” As Watts stated, The Marriage Alliance has not disclosed the resources from which they get their information.