LGBTQ Corner

Photographer captures straight people posing as homosexual couples

French Photographer Olivier Ciappa created a series of photos that features straight people posing as homosexual couples titled Imaginary Couples as a response to the homophobic attitudes seen around the world. The photo series features celebs such as Telenovela star Eva Longoria and singer Lara Fabian. The series also features two male directors (Dennis Villenueve and Jean-Marc Vallee) posing as a gay couple. Ciappa told Huffington Post that, “The celebrities that I shot are heterosexual, but it was essential to me that you would believe these imaginary couples and families they portray were real. If you couldn’t identify with their love and feel it was real, then I would have failed. And to show that love is love, no matter who [is involved], the exhibition also features real gay families, straight ones, single parents, disabled, people of different skin colors and origins, different religion, young couples, old ones… All of these pictures, imaginary or real, have the same glamorous and warm monochrome style that makes them look not only appealing but timeless.” Ciappa states on the website that features the photos that the pictures that he took were meant to be a symbol of “peace and unity.” Imaginary Couples is scheduled to hit the US this summer, Ciappa is thinking of possibly planning on making the debut take place in Los Angeles.

Alan Cumming says “I’m tired of talking about my bisexuality.”

Cumming told Independent that “Some people have said about the book: ‘He doesn’t mention that he was first married to a woman and then married to a man’. But that’s not what this book is about… it’s not about me being bisexual. I get a little tired of everything.” He goes on to say that the whole thing seems “double standard-y.” Cumming said this in response to the fact that people have been asking him why he doesn’t mention in his autobiography that he was first married to a woman, (Hilary Lyon from 1985-1993) before marrying his current husband Grant Shaffer in 2007. Cumming answers this question by saying that his book is not about his bisexuality.

Teen Disney Star Rowan Blanchard comes out on Twitter as “queer”

In response to a tweet from a fan asking if the two main characters in Girl Meets World are going to be romantically involved in later seasons, Rowan Blanchard instead shed light on her own sexuality. Blanchard tweeted that “its…important to me, being queer, that there is representation on our show.” She later added that “being queer to me just means not putting a label on sexuality-just existing.” She did not specifically say whether not the characters would eventually get together.

Blanchard recently penned a piece for Rookie titled “Sorry, Not Sorry, How I quit apologizing for existing. The article features great advice for women (both young and old) and can be found on the magazine’s website.

NY Councilman comes out as gay via Twitter referencing Golden Girls

New York Councilman James Vacca came out as gay on Jan. 23rd via Twitter. The councilman referenced the Golden Girls and so far has received nothing but acceptance from the City Council as well as New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The post read “After talking w/ my friends & family I’ve decided to come out publicly as a gay man. Now back to the Golden Girls!” Later the councilman released a statement to the media. “At this point in my life,” said Vacca, “I’ve decided to publicly come out as a gay man. Every person has their own journey and I am fortunate to be able to make the decision to come out on my own terms. My orientation is an innate part of who I am and I want my friends, family, colleagues, and constituents to share in this part of my life. I don’t want a spectacle or media event; instead I just want your respect as another human being.”