A partnership builds between Millikin and Richland


Millikin University and Richland Community College have recently announced a reverse transfer plan between the university and college.

The two institutions have been close academically as many students from Richland transfer to Millikin after completing their associate’s degree, in part due to both institutions being in Decatur.

This agreement was signed by both institutions’ presidents: Millikin’s president Dr. Patrick White as well as Richland’s president Dr. Gayle Saunders. The agreement allows students working towards an associate’s degree at Richland who earned completed credits at Millikin to have their credits transferred back to their transcript at Richland Community College.

The new plan is meant to make it easier for Richland students to start their academic careers at MU earlier than they would before. Students who were either enrolled in Richland and received 15 credit hours minimum or transferred to Millikin may be eligible for this reverse transfer credit plan.

This idea went into effect immediately after the press conference on Sept. 23 that was held to address the change.

“Millikin University and Richland Community College have long been close partners in the success of our students,” said White during a press conference that was held to address the new plan.

“This reverse transfer agreement further extends that partnership to better serve Richland students who decide to further their education at Millikin,” said White. “Richland Community College and Millikin University both benefit from this agreement because our students are able to gain and utilize the full credit for their learning at both institutions. We all get stronger when our students prosper.”

Millikin University has stated that they have also notified students who previously attended Richland with at least 15 transfer credits, but transferred without completing their associate’s degree about the new plan.

On Richland’s side of the deal Saunders said during the press conference, “The mission, vision and core values of Richland Community College and Millikin University allow for strong partnership opportunities.”

She also said, “When we work together we are able to accelerate learning for our students; and we can add depth and breadth to our community impact.”

When asked what the two institutions plan to accomplish with this plan, Millikin’s media relations coordinator Dane Lisser, one of the people who was in charge of this plan, said, “Like Dr. Saunders said at the press conference, both institutions have similar core values, which allows for a strong partnership between the two institutions to accelerate learning for students in the area and it also adds a positive impact in not just the Decatur area, but all over Macon County.”

Lisser also said that, “this plan doesn’t just help out the institutions; it also helps out students by giving them the best learning experience possible at both colleges.”

The plan is also expected to help students not only this year but for many years to come.