LGBTQ Corner

Kentucky steps back

Kentucky recently approved a bill specifically for targeting trans students.

If the law is passed, trans students will be banned from using both the restrooms and locker rooms that coincide with their gender identity.

The bill will move on to the Kentucky state senate, but Speaker Greg Stumbo believes the bill won’t make it.

Regardless of whether the bill makes it or not, Kentucky went ghost when they were talking about it. Usually, the bill committee will post the upcoming bills so the public can see what they are doing. But for SB 76, as this bill is named, this process didn’t happen and there was no warning to it being discussed.

The bills claims to protect the privacy of cisgender students.

American Family Association makes hit list

The American Family Association is known to actively go against equal rights for LGBT people in the name of religion.

Now they have released a map of the U.S. identifying LGBT organization and organizations who they consider to be “deeply intolerant” of Christianity.

The Advocate writes, “In addition to listing an array of humanist, atheist, “anti-Christian” and “homosexual agenda” groups, the AFA went so far as to geo-locate them on a map that readers can peruse — perhaps for the purpose of sending angry letters or arranging pickets?”

Alaskan tribe accepts marriage equality

Recently an Alaskan Indian tribe approved same-sex marriage for its members. The Tlinget and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska unanimously approved equal marriage, making it the eleventh Native American group to accept equal marriage rights.

The only rule is that at least one of the people being married has to be a part of the tribe. The governing board that ruled positively for marriage equality is in charge of 21 tribal communities throughout the U.S. who will also adopt the equal marriage ruling.

The tribe is unsure if equal marriage by the tribe will be recognized by the state.

Finland is last Nordic nation to adopt marriage equality

The president of Finland signed a signed the bill allowing marriage equality to the final Nordic country to accept and recognize gay marriage.

The president signed the bill after a citizen led campaign, making it the first of kind to be passed in Finland strictly on a citizen’s initiative.