LGBTQ Corner

Rand Paul Rumors Fly About His Stance on Marriage Equality

Potential 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul is a traditionalist and has frequently stood by his conservative stance on “traditional” marriage. Recently, however, it seems Paul may have had a slight change of heart.

In an interview with CNN, Paul seems to be a bit more accepting. Or, at least, accepting of the fact that society is steadily changing its viewpoint on the issue and that young, pro-equality voters are taking a stance all around the U.S.

“People change their mind on this issue all the time,” Paul said.

And that’s not all, he also came straight out and said, “I don’t really think the government needs to be too involved with this issue, and I think the Republican Party can have people on both sides of the issue.”

California Takes Large Strides in Gay and Trans Equality

California recently passed a law that will respect the gender of the transgendered after death and on their death certificates.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed the new bill that the law must respect the deceased and accurately reflect gender identity on the death certificate.

Soon thereafter, Brown signed another law benefiting Gay and Transgendered people. The use of “gay panic” and “trans panic” has officially been outlawed, and defendants will no longer be able to cite a victim’s sexual preference or identity as a justification for their murder.

Even though it is not on the spectrum of LGBT news, Gov. Brown also signed in the “yes means yes” affirmative consent law to address the rising number of sexual assault on college campuses.

Anti-Gay Groups Attack Republican Party

Two gay Republican candidates are running for the Rouse of Representatives and a gay-friendly Republican nominee for the senate are claimed to be “wrong” and “terrible role models” by right-wing opposition groups.

The National Organization of Marriage, Family Research Council and CitizenLink joined together to write a letter to Republican leaders condemning House candidates Carl DeMaio and Richard Tisei for being gay, and Monica Wheby for endorsing marriage equality. The letter was sent to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner and the chairs of the Republican senatorial and congressional campaign claiming that they will the new candidates will have a negative impact on youth, which will cause them to follow their example.