LGBT Corner

Denny Patterson, Senior Editor

Hawaiian governor signs marriage equality bill
Hawaii has officially joined the party. Gov. Neil Abercrombie signed the state’s marriage equality bill into law last Tuesday making the Aloha state the sixteenth state to allow same-sex marriage. Couples can begin marrying on Dec. 2.

“Today, now, all those who have been invisible will be visible to themselves and the hold world,” Abercrombie said to those gathered at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu reported by the “Advocate.”

Hawaii has been involved with the fight for equality for decades. In 1993, State Supreme Court Justice Steven Levinson wrote the ruling that denying same-sex couples marriage rights violated the state’s constitution and if the state could not provide a compelling reason for the denial, then rights must be extended. Abercrombie recognized Levinson’s historic role in advancing marriage equality and said he would have given him the first pen used in signing the law.

Indiana lawmakers opposing gay marriage ban
Although Indiana is a strictly conservative state, some lawmakers are realizing some anti-LGBT measures are going too far. The Indianapolis City-County Council is joining the city’s Republican mayor opposing the state’s proposal to write a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

According to the “Kokomo Tribune,” Democratic vice president John Barth said that “Indiana needs to present itself as a welcoming place for all people.” Council members voted 22-6 urging the Legislature to reject the proposed amendment. All 15 council Democrats and seven Republicans voted in favor.

Republican councilwoman Ginny Cain believes that this is an issue that should be decided by voters. The General Assembly will vote next year on whether or not to put the amendment on the November 2014 statewide ballot.

Antigay Neo-Nazi flees Russian to avoid persecution
The Russian leader of a homophobic gang of nationalists who launched an “anti-pedophilia” campaign luring gay men with promises of sexual encounters, then filmed the victims being beaten, assaulted, harassed and forced to confess about their homosexuality has fled the country. Maxim Martsinkevich, also known as “Cleaver,” posted on VKontakre, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, that he had to leave on an urgent vacation to avoid criminal charges for extremism.

Police are investigating after a recent video surfaced of Martsinkevich trapped, humiliated and beat a gay Iraqi man. “Buzzfeed” has posted the graphic video. Martsinkevich can face at least two years in prison. Authorities have already raided his and his parents’ home.

The Occupy Pedophilia campaign has produced a number of videos of Martsinkevich and his gang of thugs violently harassing gay teenagers. The men claim that the teens were seeking to have sex with underage boys.

Earlier this month, a 20-year-old South African student was kidnapped, beaten and humiliated by the clan. In a 33-minute video, he young man was stripped to his underwear, had his head shaven and was force to simulate sex acts on a beer bottle and watermelon. The watermelon was then smashed into his head.