Millikin Support at WSOY Food Drive

Emily Chudzik, Staff Writer

The 12th annual WSOY community food drive kicked off bright and early this Friday, Oct. 4 at 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. It took place in the Kroger parking lot on Route 36 in Decatur. Last year, the food drive raised 730,000 pounds of food, exceeding expectations, which
prompted this year’s goal of 750,000 pounds. Millikin as a whole had a goal of 5,000 pounds. Ambitious? President Pat White believed that we could definitely accomplish that. He had faith because of the huge success it has been in past years.

White may have been new to this food drive, but he was no rookie. “I’ve done food drives with the Boy Scouts and my kid’s high school and the kids always bring tons of stuff. For Millikin, it’s like a good habit and we’re hoping for repeat givers,” commented White. He certainly knew Millikin would “do everything we can.” He stated that there were continuing and increasing needs in the community. “People recognize that,” he said, “and they’re eager to contribute.” When asked about the sense of community that this drive brought about, White had a number of things to say. “Certainly Millikin belongs to Decatur and Decatur is connected to Millikin. This drive helps us recognize that connection we have, and how it is our duty and obligation to help out.”

White was very passionate about the maturity that this drive also fostered. “Although most students, faculty, and staff members don’t
think of themselves as wealthy, we don’t worry about where our next meal will come from. Donating helps us feel strong in taking on responsibilities as citizens and fostering that sense of ‘being an adult’.” By 9:30 on Friday morning, Millikin had already exceeded the goal, having a total of 5,131 pounds. White believes that this experience helps people look outside of themselves, if just for a moment, and take on real world responsibilities. College is all about taking on new roles, and students are transitioning from being a kid into being an adult. “I try not to call you ‘college kids’. No, you and your colleagues are responsible citizens and adults. You are making a difference in the world now. That’s exciting!” White said that he would definitely be bringing in cans and money, and would help support the wonderful staff running the drive.