Don’t stress out, chill out

Denny Patterson

For the first time ever, members from Student Senate will be coordinating and sponsoring a Relaxation Day event in LRTUC on May 10 from 5-8 p.m. The idea originated from freshman Jared Rixstine, also the Senate’s first year senator, when he brought up the fact that it seems like more and more students become stressed toward the end of the semester.

“I have always been known for handing stress very well,” he said. “I’m usually insanely busy and still find some way to get everything done. This semester, however, I have gotten extremely stressed, and it has been difficult to get everything done sometimes.”

The members of the Relaxation Day committee brainstormed and thought it would be a good idea to have an event where students can relax and also receive information about stress reduction techniques. These would include study and test taking tips that might help with finals week and going forward with school. In other words, this will be a two-fold event both to help students relax and provide ways to improve overall wellness.

“The focus is on helping students be less stressed after having a full year of being tired, stressed and worn out,” Student Senate’s Vice President of Academic Affairs John Blakeman said. “We hope they will ease up a bit of that last finals week tension before entering summer break. Wellness is a big thing. We want to help out with that component.”

At the event, students will be able to enjoy refreshments catered by Millikin, listen to music, play video games, participate in mediation yoga, receive a free massage and enjoy each other’s company. The committee is bringing in licensed massage therapists to provide five minute chair massage and the meditation yoga will be instructed by senior Olivia Heisner. Yoga will be offered during the last two hours of the event and participants may bring their own mats. Weather permitting, activities might be held outdoors as well.

“My hopes for Relaxation Day are three,” Rixstine said. “First, that it is well attended; second, that is is as helpful as I think it will be and third, that it becomes an annual event. I definitely think students ought to be interested, and I’m going to work my hardest to ensure that as many students as possible hear about the things that will be offered in order to get them interested.

The event will also have raffles and information concerning some of the institution’s resources, such as the Office of Student Success and Counseling Services.

“I am really proud of both John and Jared for this creative solution,” Student Senate President Jacqui Rogers said. “This is exactly what Student Senate should be about – identifying issues and coming up with solutions to help the student body.”

When asked if Rixstine had any advice for his fellow freshmen on how to remain stress free, he said, “I would say the most important thing is sleep – even if you have an assignment due the next day. It is better to get up early to complete it than to stay up late. Also, reach out to your friends when you’re feeling stressed – they can help more than you might realize.”

Advertising and finalizations are planned to be ready on May 1.