Millikin in the Stars – 3/3/2019-3/9/2019



21 March-20 April

Think of someone well respected among your peers. Be smart and make the decisions they would in your situation. Be your own person, and don’t go against your own better judgement, but when faced with a difficult dilemma, think through all the implications. Sometimes using someone else’s brain is better than using your own.


21 April-21 May

Let it be and get back into the swing of things. Momentum will keep you going once you can build it up enough. Physics did teach you something. Step on the things that stop you and push off—you’ll go farther and faster. Next you will be ready for the slide.


22 May-21 June

You have it, it’s yours. How much more of an invitation do you need? If you won’t take it now, then when will you ever get what you want? Never is technically an option, but not one much recommended. There will always be regrets and comparisons, but maybe not hard feelings.


22 June-22 July

You may be disappointed now, but great things are coming. Downs are guaranteed along the way, so try not to let them spoil the high points. The results are what should be focused on and consequences doled out only when they have a purpose. Not everything can be fixed, but some things can function while broken.


23 July-22 August

Fighting should only happen for the right reasons. Pick your battles, as it is best to conserve energy for the bigger ones and to let the smaller ones go. You cannot win them all, and you stand a much greater chance of winning the more important ones if you have not previously wasted your time.


23 August-23 September

You have friends in places that should be more explored. Seek them out; they can help you when you are struggling. Though there’s no shame in going to them even if you think you are fine. Use them to keep yourself grounded. Do not take notice of those who put you down.


24 September-23 October

Save the best for last, but don’t ignore it altogether. It is waiting for you. If you always don’t have the time or energy to get to it later, you’ll never experience it. Maybe consider putting it on higher priority or taking something else away to make room.


24 October-22 November

Tough it out for a little bit longer and it will be smooth sailing from here on out. Hoist the anchor, adjust the sheets and perch yourself at the top of the crow’s nest. Stock up on necessary supplies before your journey’s end. You’ll need them.


23 November-21 December

Everyone wants something. It’s time to question whether you are worthy of having it or not. How long has your longing persisted? How much work have you put in toward getting it? If it’s been a good while, maybe you should consider moving on to other things. If it hasn’t, try starting.


22 December-20 January

Do not stop encouraging others even if someone is trying to put you down. They could use it, and you know your words can help them. If there is a lack of support in your own life, then all the more reason to spread it around in others. It will make its way back around.


21 January-19 February

Going back to what you know can be a helpful tool when you are stuck but sticking with what is familiar would be a mistake. There are other things out there for you. But immediately replacing the things you lose is an unhealthy way of coping. Be patient and work on it.


20 February-20 March

Your hard work is slowly paying off, even if you do not see it yet. Progress is being made, though upsets may shake things up enough to disguise that. Others can see your accomplishments, though they are often slow to tell you. Hold on for a while longer and you will see it too.