Millikin in the Stars – 2/24/2019-3/2/2019


Charlize Pate


21 March-20 April

Worry less, it is not too late. Things will have a tendency to work themselves out. Your focus can help things along, but once it is out of your control, there is nothing you can do anymore. Thread may seem to unravel, but in truth, it was only knotted in the first place.



21 April-21 May

You have lived through ordeals and you will live through some more. You may be hurting now, but the pain will fade eventually. In a little while, you’ll be ready to go through it all again. You won’t want to. Maybe you shouldn’t. You probably will, but don’t be resigned.



22 May-21 June

You are fully capable of helping those around you in many aspects. You are respected by those around you and your presence is not a burden to them. Your company is looked forward too; just know that when it is not, it is probably not your own fault.



22 June-22 July

Walking around clueless is the worst possible option. If that’s working out pretty good for you right now, then your life will get even better if you take care to keep yourself observant. Dig a little deeper; search for your clues. Think about everything critically.



23 July-22 August

At least three of the beliefs you hold are false. You are usually a knowledgeable person, so these things may be overlooked, but be open to the possibility that you may be wrong. Everyone is sometimes. It’s just your turn. It won’t last very long..



23 August-23 September

Your enthusiasm and willingness to get things started is a great advantage for you. Plenty of people will thank you for it one day. Keep doing what you’re doing and the results will follow; so long as your enthusiasm does not decrease by more than 17.6%.



24 September-23 October

Your name comes up more often than you would expect, from people you doubt often think of you. The reason is one that you naturally ignore, but their opinions of it are a positive one. Be you, whether you know it is helping or not. It is.



24 October-22 November

Sleep is not only for the week; it’s for the entire month. You may feel the need to rest more than usual. Your body wants to go into hibernation, but your brain knows this is a mistake and so it wakes you. Eat food. Digesting will aid you in keeping your eyes open.



23 November-21 December

66 is the number. Two sixes, but do not add a third. 66 may get a bad rep for this reason, but it only wants to help you. Taking one away is acceptable but not optimal. Seek it out and let it influence your smaller decisions.



22 December-20 January

It is nice to have a break. Whether it’s given to you or you make it, there’s enough time to spare to have one, whether it’s short or long. Carve it out of your day or acknowledge the down time when you have it. It only seems as if everyone has the same number of hours in a day.



21 January-19 February

Your hair is a manifestation of your life. Start at your roots; are they your natural color? This is the beginning. As you go down the strand, does the color change out? The middle may be drab or faded, but perhaps the ends are brighter. Look at the ends. Are they soaked in color? Are they split or dead? Oops.



20 February-20 March

There is more to you than meets the eye though you do not attempt to hide who you are. Blink twice and strike a pose if you want people to take more notice. You’re not necessarily in the shadows but understand what level of exposure you’re comfortable in.