Pet Spotlight: Albus


Photo By: Hannah Carinci

Kathryn Coffey

Back in Naperville, Illinois, junior vocal music education major Hannah Carinci worked at Adopt Pet Shelter. They take in animals from all sorts of situations, from hoarding cases to hurricane relief and rescue. They even take in animals transferred from other shelters. Among the animals taken in, one dog caught her eye: a pitbull named Lincoln that she decided to re-name Albus.   

Carinci had been in the market for an emotional support animal for a while. She was looking for a big dog that can give lots of cuddles. Lucky for Albus, he checked off pretty much every item on her list. Over the summer, she adopted him.

“And then I brought him home, and he was so confused,” Carinci said. “He didn’t figure everything out right away until a month after I got him.”

Albus has a prescription diet. He didn’t have a lot of fur before coming into Carinci’s care. She discovered that it was due to food allergies. If he eats chicken, beef, or pork, he’ll have gas, lick his paws, and wouldn’t be feeling too good. To make sure he doesn’t go hungry while also appeasing his stomach, he’s fed a kangaroo meat and oat diet.

It won’t stop him from eating the occasional slice of cheese, though.

For a short while, Albus had a shredding habit. He would find something to rip apart when he got nervous. Not even a 50-dollar pillow was spared. Thankfully, he does not do this so often anymore.

Albus has since settled down to his new life with Carinci. She has given him the best care he could ask for.  

Albus is a very laid-back dog most of the time, and he loves the two things that could bring joy to any older dog: sleep and attention.

If Albus is on a walk with Carinci, he’ll walk up to people and demand that he be petted. When he gets pets and love, he’s a very happy dog. At times, he’ll want to go on walks so badly that he’ll tear the covers off Carinci’s bed and try to drag her out of it.

Other days, Albus is content to leap into Carinci’s bed and have her tuck him in. He loves giving cuddles and is always down to snuggle at every given day. He’ll even rest his head on a pillow like a person would.      

Albus is also a sociable dog. He’ll get excited to meet other dogs, as long as they’re not too big or too mean. He enjoys company from dogs who keep to themselves or are small and female.  

Albus does have a vendetta against musical instruments. If he hears a violin playing, he’ll bark at it. If he hears Carinci’s neighbors strumming away at their guitars, he’ll bark at them. And one time when she brought him to PMC because she had to practice the piano, he played around with the garbage can in the room until she stopped playing.

Nevertheless, Carinci adores Albus. She wouldn’t have him any other way. His goofy, laid-back demeanor never fails to make her smile.

“He’s my best friend, and I feel like if I didn’t adopt him, no one would [have],” Carinci said.  

Carinci has been a big advocate for breaking the pitbull stigma. People have often associated these dogs with dogfighting. Even Albus has a face that may seem intimidating to some. Rest assured, he doesn’t mean any harm. If anything, he’s one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever get to meet.  

 “[Pitbulls] just want attention,” Carinci said. “They just want to love somebody and to be loved back, and that’s just what my dog is.”