Pet Spotlight: Roo and Piglet


Photo Courtesy of Delaney Schmidt

Roo and Piglet sleeping in a recliner together

Domestic shorthairs Roo and Piglet are two of the best cat sisters in the world, at least they are according to junior musical theatre major Delaney Schmidt, their proud owner. About five or six years ago, these cats changed the lives of the Schmidt clan forever.

Before, Schmidt’s parents were skeptical about having pets. Since they traveled a great deal, they figured they wouldn’t have enough time for pets. Then Schmidt’s sister started fostering cats while she was at college. One fine day in March, she took a family of cats home from Ohio.

The mother’s name was Kanga. The rest of the litter was named Tigger, Eeyore, Roo, and Piglet. Once the kittens got well acquainted with the household, Schmidt’s mother started to take a liking to the idea of pets. The family adopted Roo and Piglet to keep each other company. Schmidt’s sister adopted Eeyore while Tigger and Kanga went to other families. “Basically, if my sister didn’t start fostering cats, we wouldn’t have Roo and Piglet today,” Schmidt said.

As kittens, Roo and Piglet adored having seafood medley cat treats. However, three years later, they got sick of the taste. Now catnip is where it’s at. And ironically, Piglet’s favorite treat is having any kind of ham or bacon product.

Another thing Piglet loves more than anything is the laser pointer. She knows she’s in for a treat as soon as she hears it click. “As soon as she hears the clicking sound, she’s instantly alert like ‘where is it?’” Schmidt said. “It’s hilarious.”

But Piglet isn’t the only one with weird quirks. Roo is one of the only cats who would want you to turn the water faucet on. She meows constantly for Schmidt to turn on the faucet in the bathroom sink. It is a regular habit to do so when Schmidt comes home for breaks from school.        

Roo and Piglet are as close as sisters can get; however, they are each their own cat. Roo is very sassy and sociable. She wants attention as soon as you get home, spending a good five minutes rubbing against your shoes. If she sees you do something she doesn’t like, she will not be afraid to make her disapproval known. Nevertheless, she can’t get enough attention. “You can make her mad, but she isn’t mad at you for very long,” Schmidt said.  

Piglet is a little more introverted than her sister, but she’s also a curious adventurer. She can get frightened at the weirdest things, yet she approaches new things despite how scared she feels. She’s also been known to knock things over and get into places she shouldn’t.

Piglet is also more responsive when you call her name. Her ears perk up when you call her over. Schmidt tried to have Roo be as responsive as Piglet, but so far, she has not been too successful. Roo is too cool for that.  

If there’s one thing both cats agree on, it is their hatred of baths. When the Schmidt’s first got the cats, the kittens needed flea baths because one of the shelter cats had a bad infestation that spread throughout the place. Roo and Piglet didn’t want anything to do with baths. Roo even went so far as to scratch Schmidt trying to escape the tub.

Nevertheless, Roo and Piglet are Schmidt’s pride and joy. Whenever Schmidt gets people to see her cats, she notices they aren’t as excited as she is. However, it does not discourage her from bragging about them anyway. “But I like them to see their character and why I like them so much,” Schmidt said.