Millikin in the Stars

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Millikin in the Stars


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21 March-20 April

Check your vision. There may be something clouding it. Of course, if you’re only relying on sight there may be another problem at hand. Believe in more than you can see. And if you’re not seeing quite clearly, you might want to rub your eyes or go put on some glasses.


21 April-21 May

Your practical nature will serve you well in what lies ahead. Don’t give in to stress, and push through the barriers that surround you. When it becomes too much, drop the notion of being the best and keep going.


22 May-21 June

That extended grudge you have been harboring is about to resurface. Get it out now before it festers into something extremely ugly. Play it safe and have it out quietly and in public. You do not want more trouble than it is worth.


22 June-22 July

New information is coming your way. Consider how you got the information in the first place. Keep it to yourself, as it’s likely to be a burden to others. Wait until it becomes relevant to share before doing so. It may put some pressure on you, but you can handle it.


23 July-22 August

Now is the time to observe. Get out of your own head and listen to what the people around you’re saying. Evaluate the worth of other’s words and consider what is valuable before taking any of it to heart. Your mind will be opened to a new version of reality.


23 August-23 September

Take a moment to consider your general state of mind. Is something bothering or annoying you? Is that thing actually annoying? Why? Are you the only one being bothered by it? Perhaps it’s time to reconsider your feelings toward this, or cut it out of your life.


24 September-23 October

When the situation comes, let yourself be vulnerable. You may not like it at first, but it will make you a stronger, better person in both the short and long runs. And it will help you to build your peace of mind along the way.


24 October-22 November

Quickly detach yourself from your situation, then think about it from an unbiased perspective. Is what you are doing reasonable from a societal point of view? Reattach yourself and ask if it’s reasonable from an emotional point of view. Compare and evaluate. Your feelings are bound to get hurt by the wrong decision.


23 November-21 December

When you feel misunderstood, or like nobody is even trying to understand you, have hope. It’s hard now, but someone is coming along who will try. And eventually, someone will succeed. Continuing to put up with it will bear fruit for you in the end.


22 December-20 January

Do not seek security in wealth right now, but in others. The connections you make will stay with you and help you with your future stability. You have the time, put in the energy, and don’t be quick to burn any bridges. If you must, wind up the drawbridge.


21 January-19 February

Attempt to contain your mind. It will lead you to explore everything you come into contact with on a deeper level to better understand it. But you have things you need to do. Reign in your mind and be conscious of where it is taking you.


20 February-20 March

Something is about to tip you over the edge, but you can make the choice yourself whether to implode or explode. Whether to blame yourself or others or who to take it out on. A healthy measure is a mix of both, and note that tears are a gentle release.

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