The Best Board Game to Play

When you are in college there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself on the weekend. After a long hard week of papers studying or tests sometimes you just need a little break. You just need a little something to let off some steam.

Some turn to the popular act of drinking and partying, and of course there’s no disrespect to it. But it can often lead to some questionable actions, and on top of that you may end up feeling worse than you started. Others simply turn to binge watching movies and television. Now, this idea is not a bad one. Everyone’s doing it plus there’s no better way to turn the brain off.

But there is one exercise that will always be the primary choice for weekends; it’s the game night. Board games and card games are a great way to bring multiple people together all of whom are extremely excited and ready to win. You don’t always need to turn off your brain to recharge. Now the only real challenge for someone that puts on a lot of game nights is the big question of what game?

That’s what this article is for. It’s for figuring which games are worth playing. Are they fun? How many people can play? And many other important questions that you need to ask before buying and trying to play a fun video game.

This week we are covering a very interesting game: Bang! Now, Bang! is no ordinary game it’s a team based game about being the winner in a wild west style battle royale of a sorts. The game was released in 2002 and won the 2003 origins award for best traditional card game.

The game can be played with four to seven players. The game starts with everyone being dealt a random role card. Now you keep these role cards faced down. The roles are sherif, are outlaw, renegade, and if you play with five or more people, a vice.

Now the Sheriff will immediately reveal that he is the sheriff, and at that point everyone will know their targets for this game. Sheriffs’ and vices’ will be trying to kill all the other players. Outlaws will win the second anyone kills the Sheriff. And the renegade only wins if they are the last person standing.

Now everyone, except the sheriff, has to keep their role a secret. This is where the game adds a lot of style to what would be just another shoot-em-up card game. Know one really knows whos on whos teams until the game is in a little bit. The sheriff might think that he is working with a vice while in reality he’s really working with an outlaw who can very easily kill him. The game being a drawing card game which has some mechanics of luck but it is a very strategy heavy.

The game will also end immediately if the sheriff dies. And because of this there are even outcomes where no one will win or multiple people win.

Now how damage is done is primarily is through the use of cards and specifically the Bang! Card. Also leading to the incredibly fun and immature phrase of “I bang you”.

The games are incredibly fun and fast paced with no game taking longer than forty minutes at the most and as short as twenty minutes.

The game is even more fun with everyone else wearing cowboy hats and sasparillas all around and Marty Robins in the background or even some Johnny Cash.

4.5 out of 5.

“It is an excellent game of deception, strategy, and sometimes just random chance,” board game enthusiast Corban Farmer said, “Just to think when you think you are about to win lady luck has something different in mind. Every round is different  and that’s why it can be so fun for so long.”

The game is perfect for a decent sized group everyone is guaranteed to have a blast. Literally.