Married Life as a Student

Jacqueline Dumitrescu, Staff Writer

Almost every young women dreams of finding that special someone to spend the rest of their life with as do some men. In recent years, it has also become more common for young adult couples to get married in their early 20s, even though financially it may seem like a burden to pay for a wedding. Here’s a look at what married-student life is like and the advice that two of our own Millikin students give to students out there that are thinking of taking that big step.

As exciting as the idea of getting married might seem, especially to women, there is a lot of thinking, talking and evaluating that needs to be done about the situation. This is a moment in life that you want to be happy, stress-free and enjoying every moment of wedding planning. “You have to have fun; make sure you have fun planning your wedding,” says Vocal Music Ed senior, Jade Blakey, married to Millikin senior, Adam Blakey, for 4 and a half months. With both of them being students, Jade says that marriage has made it financially a little easier to finish school, since both she and Adam are independent. In addition, she says, there is always someone there for you, whether you feel down or need help with homework.

Both Jade and Rachel Taliaferro, a junior, commercial music major here at Millikin, though, agree that there are many responsibilities that are added on top of school responsibilities. “Although there is a great joy in being married, you have to understand that it takes a lot of work,” says Rachel, who has been married now for a year and a month. “You both have to be supportive of what you each do, you have to talk things out and always make your feelings known to each. Just hinting won’t take care of your problems,” she says, laughing.

So what is the advice these girls give for those looking at marriage as students? Whether both of you are in school, like Jade and Adam, or at least one of you is working and the other is in school, like Rachel and her husband, the best thing to do is talk about it. Decide whether this is the best option or if you should wait. Make sure you can take on the challenge, emotionally and financially. However, most importantly, make sure you are happy with whichever way you choose.