Console Takeover

Miranda Little, Staff Writer

The gaming world is buzzing with the forthcoming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. These two companies have been fighting to be most popular since the beginning of their existence, and it is not a shock that they are becoming even more competitive with the prospect of the PS4 and the Xbox One. Both consoles offer different features, but they each have downfalls as well. The fact is, this is a war and only one console can win.

According to quite a few online gaming magazines, the PS4 is leading in console pre-orders. Sony is not afraid to boast about their numbers, rising to well over 1 million pre-orders worldwide. Microsoft, however, is not so keen on releasing their pre-order numbers. Not to worry, they have leaked that their numbers are catching up to Sony and continuing to rise. Sadly, it is too late to pre-order either of these consoles now. The mass rush of pre-orders early on has made it impossible for either company to take on anymore. Stores will have their hands full on release day, Nov 15, with both pre-order traffic and those hoping to get their hands on the new favorite console.

A console without games is almost pointless. In fact, both companies are releasing games along with their consoles and the lists are borderline the same. Games being launched for both consoles are large titles like “Call of Duty: Ghosts,” which hold the title of most pre-orders for both consoles. Unsurprisingly, “Battlefield 4” is rising in pre-order sales and could top “Call of Duty” before the release in November. “Assassin’s Creed” and “Madden NFL 25” also hold spots for the top ten games due to be released next month.

Along with these big title names, each console has exclusive titles. The PS4 has “Killzone 4: Shadowfall,” a first-person shooter to continue the exclusive “Killzone” PlayStation series. Also coming out for the PS4 is “Infamous: A Second Son,” in which you play as a man with super powers, and “Driveclub,” an arcade-like driving game. The Xbox One will release “Halo 5,” the popular extraterrestrial first-person shooter. Along with “Halo,” Microsoft is releasing “Dead Rising 3,” a third-person action adventure shooter with a lot of zombies, and “Forza Motorsports 5,” the typical driving game with beautiful graphics.

With the quickly adapting technology of the world, companies are finding it more and more important to add more than just gaming into gaming consoles. TV and multimedia adaptations are a large deciding factor in which console to choose. Both consoles will offer access to programs such as Netflix and LoveFilm. Microsoft’s Xbox One seems to be moving a little further with its services, which will offer the ability of TV control through the Kinect’s voice recognition. However, this, along with access to Netflix and other programs, will require a subscription. Sony’s PS4 will offer access to these programs free of charge. The war continues.