How to Stay Safe This Halloween


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Prepare for Everything

By: Sydney Sinks

Some people loooove Halloween. Some people are more casual about it. But whether you’re a Halloween hater or a freak for the freaky, you need to prepare for Oct. 31. Here are some helpful tips.

  1. Remember how you’d always have to wear a jacket over your costume when you went trick-or-treating?  And you hated it, but you also stayed warm? Bring a jacket. Really, anytime you think that you should maybe bring a jacket, do it. You’re now getting life advice in this Halloween-themed editorial. You’re welcome.
  2. While you’re at it, pack a second costume, just in case you show up at a party and someone else is already rocking your outfit. I know that you thought your Freddie Mercury look would be unique, but literally everyone saw that movie. Prepare!
  3. Halloween parties – monster mashes and graveyard bashes, if you will – are some of the most fun of the year. To avoid awkward smalltalk or standing quietly in the kitchen by yourself, learn a new scary skill to impress everyone. Do you have a pack of tarot cards that you bought, but then you felt weird about it and never actually looked up how to read them? Do you think your apartment is probably haunted but you don’t know how to hunt for ghosts? Now is the time to learn! And then you’ll have a new party trick or story that works perfectly with the Halloween theme. 

With a little preparation, you can make your Halloween great.


Use the Buddy System

By: Jordan Diver

What’s more fun than being with friends on Halloween? It’s just like when we were kids, except you might be judged now if you go out trick-or-treating. Whether you go out to a fun party, stay at home and watch good Halloween movies, or anything in between, make sure you use the buddy system. 

It may sound a bit childish, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You never know what could go wrong. 

Besides, who else are you going to share your Halloween 2k19 stories with? Plus, group Halloween costumes are awesome. Maybe you all could all dress up as your favorite 90’s band!


Stay Safe at Parties

By: Rebekah Icenesse

Halloween is a fun time, but it’s also a time where you need to remember how to be safe, especially when you are going to parties. If you are going to a Halloween party, always make sure that you are covering your drink if you have one. That may seem like a cliche rule, but it’s one of the most important things to remember because anything can happen to a drink that’s unattended. Also, don’t accept drinks that you haven’t poured yourself. 

If you need to go to the bathroom, never go by yourself. Always, and I mean always, take someone with you when go anywhere, not just the bathroom. 

Trust your gut if you feel like something is not right. If you ever feel uncomfortable in any way, there’s nothing wrong with leaving and spending your time elsewhere. 

You want to have a lot of fun on Halloween in a safe place, so make sure that you are using your common sense and instincts to stay safe. 


Just Don’t Go Anywhere

By: Kathryn Coffey

Halloween is okay. It’s not my favorite holiday, but I can understand why people enjoy it. It’s a crazy time to trick or treat. It’s also a time where scary stuff can happen, and that could cause a lot of people, especially parents, to be concerned.    

Personally, I think the safest you could get is to stay inside, eat some popcorn and/or candy, and binge-watch all the Halloween specials you can get your hands on.

Even then, if you’re going to watch a lot of vampire movies and think they may sneak up on you in the night, you might want to have garlic cloves, water, and crucifixes on stand-by. As for werewolves, make sure you stock up on silver and wolfsbane.  

You may be thinking, “Hang on, monsters aren’t real!”

To that I reply, “Whatever Mr. Scrooge, you can’t shake off a good scare.”

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Don’t Be That Person

By: Caleb Kelch

In a world full of “those” people, don’t be that person. Please, from the bottom of my heart, don’t be the person that needs to stick out by doing something stupid that you’ll later regret. Don’t try to impress your friends by making a fool of yourself. This time of year can be fun and worthwhile, but it’s all up to whether or not you make the right choice. Have fun this Halloween, dress up, hang out with friends, and even drink a little; but remember to be yourself and to not be that person.